Money Myths Number 1

The number 1 money myth that I think we all have to a greater or lesser degree is: “You have to work hard for your money”. We all know that right?

How else are we going to make money? If we are not making enough then we just need to work longer hours, or harder or faster. Simple.

Except that is not actually how it works.

I made $300,000 last year for doing absolutely nothing. Zlch, zip, zero. How? I have just had two houses revalued and that was the change in their value in the last year. Did I work harder – NO. Did I do anything to increase their value – No. Will it happen again?- Yes probably, the Brisbane property market is still going up. And this is only two of my houses.

And guess what, I was not the only one who made money for doing nothing.

Quote from The Guardian June 2015
In Australia, “The wealth of the top 20% increased by 28% from 2004 – 2012” This was through the GFC when we were supposedly losing money.

This is not because they worked harder than the other 80%, or were given more money, but they know how to earn money and increase their wealth without working harder. They do not believe the money myth that you have to work hard for your money.

It is just a myth. It is not the truth.

The truth is:
You can make money doing what you love.
You can increase your income easily
You can make money and help people at the same time
You can determine your own wealth
You can remain authentic and true to yourself and still get ahead.

Most of us grew up with lots of loaded messages about money, work, worthiness and deserving. But money does not understand any of this. It is just an idea. An idea that is exchanged. The exchange of our product or service for another idea that we call money.

There is nothing wrong with that.

We could exchange our garden produce some clothes, but that system becomes difficult to manage, so we came up with the idea of money.

Good idea.

So when you have a good idea that you love, and you enjoy and you find easy, and there are people who want what you offer, then it is OK to have money change hands. Even if it feels easy to you, it is Ok to exchange your good idea for a good idea of money.

You have my permission to make money doing the things you love.
You have my permission to enjoy making money.
You have my permission to make money the easy way.

Can you give YOURSELF permission to earn money the easy way, the fun way, the way that feels in alignment with you?

If this feels too difficult then look at what are your beliefs about money and hard work. What do you remember about your family when you were growing up? What is your money story, and your parent’s money story?

I had a client whose parents owned a corner shop. Their father went to work very early in the morning taking the milk deliveries and getting the papers. The children were expected to work in the shop for a few hours before school and every night after school. Even then, there was not a lot of money. What do you think they have learnt about working hard and money?

We have all inherited beliefs about money from our parents and society and there is no avoiding that. But now that we are all grown up, it is our time to choose. What are the beliefs that you grew up with, and are they serving you now, or are they subconsciously holding you back?