Why is it so hard to have the life of our dreams?


Most of us have a dream, a desire or a vision for our business and our life, but we often struggle when it comes to figuring out how to get there. We get frustrated wondering why what we want seems to be just out of reach, or perhaps we know exactly how to get there but are not doing what we know we should.

Say these affirmations to yourself:
“I am worthy of love”
“I am becoming healthier every day”
“My business is growing every day, with fun and ease”
“My wealth is increasing because I am a good steward of my money”

When you read these was there a little voice inside your head that said: “No, you’re not.”

Did that inner voice tell you what it thought was the truth?

Write down all the things you heard.

These are important because they are the blocks that are holding you back from achieving your dreams. They are the actual issue.

It could be thoughts like:
“No-one will ever love me, I’m unlovable. No-one has ever loved me, and I feel so hopeless”
“Don’t talk rubbish, I’m fat and sore and so unfit and I can’t be bothered to do anything different. This is just the way my life is, and I am stuck”
“Huh, business is hard work. Everyone knows that. It is just straight out hard work, and it is much harder than I thought it would be. And it is hardly growing at all. In fact, it is weeks since I had a new client. I suck at this business stuff”
“I can’t keep money, it just disappears. No matter how many budgets and savings plans I set up, I can’t keep money. I will end up with nothing, I am so hopeless with money”

These are just a small sample of things that I know people are saying to themselves every day. Imagine that each of us how 60,000 of these types of thoughts running around in our subconscious brain every day, and we think that we can just power through and achieve success in our life.

When we are facing danger – whether that is the tiger in the jungle or the 100 people waiting to hear us speak – our body’s natural reaction is fight, flight or freeze. There are over 100 chemical reactions that are happening in our body when we are faced with a dangerous situation, and when you are facing down danger in the forest, it is fantastic. We can run faster, climb the tree, hide quickly, fight the attacker, or freeze and stay so still that we cannot be seen. (have you ever seen a dog chasing a chicken, this is exactly what the chicken does, it runs around squawking and then when it decides it can’t run anymore, it stops and freezes, makes itself small, and quiet. The dog will walk away because it is not fun anymore.) This is a wonderful mechanism in the body, but it does not serve us in business. We get this physiological reaction and all these chemicals flood our body and the blood drains away from our frontal cortex which is the memory and thinking part of our brain. So, there we are in front of a roomful of people and we can’t remember anything. Our heart is pounding, our breathing has increased, our palms are sweating, and our brains have stopped. We feel like the chicken being chased around by the dog, and we want to run or hide.

How much easier it would be to release these negative feelings and beliefs than to try to overpower them.

There is a common statement of “feel the fear and do it anyway.” I feel this is so sad when I hear this, because it is really hard to do something, whether it is standing on stage and talking to a large group or sending an email to your clients talking about the price increase when you are feeling fearful.

We all like to avoid the things we are afraid of. We spend so much time trying to stay away from fear and feeling stressed that we use up all our time and energy every day.

What if there was an easier way?

When the fear arises, we clear it instantly. Tap it away, so that it is completely gone.

What if we did business the easy way. Every action we take is done from a space of love, ease, and fun. We run our businesses and all aspects of our life being who we truly are.

We love talking on stage because we are sharing our message, sharing what we know and adding value to people’s lives, all without fear.

We quickly and easily tell people our new prices because we know that we give such great value and our prices reflect our service and the changes people will get.

We look forward to every Facebook live because it is our chance to talk to our audience and share our message and vision.

We enjoy every part of our business, because it is our passion and our purpose, and it lights us up, and every time a fear arises we can relax knowing that we do not have to live our lives in fear.

This is very possible. You can have the life and business of your dreams.

Find those thought patterns that are holding you back and clear them using a variety of tools.

Meditation to quiet those thoughts and take your body out of stress. Journaling to find out what those thoughts are, what are some of the 60,000 thoughts, and my favourite, tapping to change those thoughts to ones that support you, and help you change your life to one of your dreams.

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