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I’m Kay

I’m here for women who are blooming into who they always thought they were.

Join me as we discover who we are in this new phase of our life. 

We have finished Act 1, which is the growing up, education and discovering adulthood.


Act 2 was the career, marriage, kids, money, mortgage and all that stuff.

Act 3 is what ever you would like it to be.

We finally get to find out who we are when we are not someone’s mother, wife or working for money.

Some people call this retirement but for many of us that word conjures up the image of the grandmother minding grandchildren and fussing over others.
I am happy to do a bit of grand-mothering, but I see this as my time to discover me.

I am on a journey and would like to share it with others who are on the road to discovering who they are.

Where do I want to live?

How will I manage my money?

Where would I like to travel to, and how do I want to travel?

How do I stay fit and strong as part of me start acting up?

How do I find friends who are at the same stage of life?


Come with me as we bloom into the beautiful flower we always dreamed of.