Being part of a stepfamily

impacts every part of your life.



Building great relationships takes time – and with stepfamilies, that takes even more time, commitment, and understanding.

Let me guide you to leave frustration and anger behind, and transform your stepfamily relationship to one that is calm, happy and enjoyable.

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Hi, I’m Kay

I know exactly what it’s like being part of a stepfamily.

I’m a mother to 8 children of my own as well as stepmother to 4 from my first marriage and 3 from my second marriage. On top of that I’m the child of divorced parents who both remarried, so not only am I the stepchild, but I also have a half sister who is younger than my four older children.

In amongst this convoluted family setup, I run my own successful business (and have done for many years),
as well as being a partner in my husband’s business.

It gets VERY complicated.

Yes, it can work, and everyone does live happily ever after.

After family relationships, money is the next most common issue that can make or break a stepfamily.

That’s because these beautiful new relationships bring with them a background of grief.

So it’s important to give everyone the extra care, understanding, and commitment they deserve.

To do this, you need tools and strategies to deal with the stress on all fronts, as well as patience. It takes time, but you can make this work. It’s worth it.

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