Practical life coaching services

Does your current life fulfil your retirement dreams?

The heart of our practical coaching sessions is the emotional freedom technique (EFT). Sessions are designed to turn your limiting beliefs, negative emotions and outdated behaviours into empowered patterns of mindset and behaviour so you fuel your life and your purpose instead of putting out the flames.

Whether you want to improve yourself from the inside out, integrate new skills to boost your Act 3 entrepreneurial dreams, or transform the next 20 years of your life, these sessions will challenge you to operate at your very best.

Check out your coaching options below

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Baby Boomer 90-minute Blockage Buster Session

Walk away feeling clearer, and more motivated and prepared to take action with a tangible list of immediate things to do.

In just 90 minutes we’ll dig into your most pressing problem and turn any mental or emotional blocks into clarity.


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Focus on You: Six-Week Package

We’ll move through my “Focus on You” system over six weeks so you
can build secure foundations for your transformation. We’ll then take inspired action and build momentum towards the true and beautiful vision of your third act.

Throughout the six weeks we’ll focus on:

1. Building self-belief
2. Clarifying your values
3. Rewriting your internal stories
4. Practicing an attitude of gratitude
5. Getting out of your own way
6. Creating momentum


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Reclaiming YOU: VIP Package

Working towards “Reclaiming YOU” includes six months of fortnightly

As we work on upgrading all areas of your life you’ll:

  • feel happier and more in control of your mind and emotional responses
  • gain more energy and clarity
  • watch your business will grow in a way that feels just right for you
  • be amazed by how each area of your life grows and changes (even the ones we’re not focusing on)
  • get free of the things that have tripped you up in the past.

And so much more.

Throughout the six months we’ll work on:

  • creating a genogram for identifying areas to work on so we have a solid action plan to follow
  • clearing unresourceful patterns of thinking and behaviour that stand in the
    way of you having a life experience that truly lights you up
  • releasing fears, traumas and outdated beliefs from your childhood so you can live your life in the present and not in the past
  • identifying what’s holding you back from success so you can truly make choices based on courage and not fear
  • setting goals for what you want to achieve in the next six months so we’re on the same page moving forward
  • creating your personal tapping video so you can keep working on the growth areas between sessions.

You’ll also get access to 30 minutes of email support per week, two SOS sessions to use as needed and FREE access to my EFT Entrepreneurs course.