Practical life coaching services

Does your current life fulfil your retirement dreams?

The heart of our practical coaching sessions is the emotional freedom technique (EFT). Sessions are designed to turn your limiting beliefs, negative emotions and outdated behaviours into empowered patterns of mindset and behaviour so you fuel your life and your purpose instead of putting out the flames.

Whether you want to improve yourself from the inside out, integrate new skills to boost your Act 3 entrepreneurial dreams, or transform the next 20 years of your life, these sessions will challenge you to operate at your very best.

Check out your coaching options below

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60-minute Blockage Buster Session

Walk away feeling clearer, and more motivated and prepared to take action with a tangible list of immediate things to do.

In just 60 minutes we’ll dig into your most pressing problem and turn any mental or emotional blocks into clarity.


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Focus on You:

Four x 1 hour sessions.

This is a great opportunity as we together work on a specific area of your life and nail it.

Do you want to increase your income, improve your confidence, or stop sabotaging yourself and move towards your goal …


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VIP Package

13 x weekly sessions

In the 13 sessions together you get one-on-one care and attention. We have the opportunity to clarify your goals and what is holding you back from achieving the life of your dreams.

You will be amazed at the changes that can happen.

Because we are working together for 3 months we have the time to work through some of the deeper issues. I never leave you feeling upset, and offer follow-up support and care. As part of the VIP package, you also have access EFT tapping videos and on-call email support.