The Science Behind Tapping and How You Can Use It to Your Advantage?

“All Truths passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident” Arthur Schopenhauer.

Do you have dreams and desires, but you feel like you are always falling short? Your limiting beliefs are the very thing keeping you stuck in place.

James Allan said, “the outer conditions of a person’s life will always reflect a person’s inner beliefs.”

Is this really supported in science? YES.

In the 17th and 18th Century Newton and others devolved a belief system that saw the world as solid. That reality operated on mechanical principals and by extension, humanity had little influence on outcomes. All of reality was predetermined. This extended to medicine where we believed that the body and its parts all work like a machine, and our genes determine our destiny.

About 200 years after Newton, Albert Einstein produced his famous equation E=mc2. This shows that energy and matter are so fundamentally related that they are one and the same. Energy and matter are interchangeable.

The dawn of quantum physics.

We learnt this equation in high school science, but most of us did not understand what this really means.

Everything physical in your life is not solid matter, it is all a field of energy or frequency. Patterns of information. Even the floor we are standing on is more empty space than solid particles. “Everything is more “nothing” (energy) than “something” (particles).” Dr. Joe Dispenza.

And this includes us. As part of the Newtonian way of viewing the body, we saw chemical reactions and systems and thought they were set in place and could not be changed

Then Bruce Lipton introduced the field of epigenetics show that even our genes can be changed, and how they affect us can be changed. We communicate with the quantum field primarily through our thoughts and feelings. And since our thoughts are energy, they are the primary way we communicate to the world and our body. What we think, our belief systems have a significant impact on our body.

This can be seen with the power of the Placebo effect. This was seen in research that looked back on clinical trials of antidepressants. In 48 trials, only 20 showed that the anti-depressant medication was more effective than placebo. There is also the nocebo effect, where a person is misdiagnosed and told they will be dead within 6 months, and they were. But when an autopsy was performed there was nothing wrong. Beliefs are that powerful.

Generally, we are not aware of our beliefs. A moment of trauma, often when we are very young, and we make a decision that then becomes our belief. This trauma does not have to be dramatic. It might just be a busy mother saying, I’m busy go away. But the little us takes this on board and makes a decision. “I’m not wanted, I’m not valuable, no one loves me.” And we take this belief system into our adulthood, and all our future decisions are based around this distorted belief made when we were young. It becomes the most important thing in our lives, our belief systems. We confuse facts with beliefs. Because we think something is true it must be true. Then our future actions are governed by our subconscious, which determines 99% of all our actions and we keep doing and thinking the same things over and over again.

How powerful beliefs really are.

This brings in tapping and how does tapping change our beliefs?

Once we have these beliefs, they are encoded in our subconscious. If we perceive a situation as threatening, our amygdala, hypothalamus, adrenals, etc., react. It can even affect our DNA.

Medicine does not understand the causes of disease, but there is plenty of research coming out that shows that STRESS is one of the main contributors to a myriad of diseases and conditions. If our body sees something as threatening, and can’t get out of the situation we freeze, and this causes bodily changes. This stressful reaction affects every system of our body, including our DNA.

Tapping is like a switch. Tune into those feelings, tap on them and press the reset button. When we go back and look at these memories, there is now a different response. It is no longer a stress response. By turning off that response we can react differently to life. This in turn will mean that our internal chemistry is now different. We have changed the chemistry. We have changed the quantum field.

Research at Harvard Medical school the past decades has shown that stimulation of selected meridian acupoints decreases activity on the amygdala, hippocampus and other parts of the brain associated with fear. In fMRI and PET brain scans, you can clearly see the amygdala’s red alert being called off when acupoints are stimulated.

In another study, Dr. Church and his collogues studied changes in cortisol levels,(the stress hormone) and compared people who either had standard talk therapy with those who had tapping therapy, and a control group that had no treatment. Cortisol levels dropped significantly in the tapping group – an average of 24%, with some as high as 50%, meanwhile those in both the talk therapy and the control group showed no significant change. WOW. These changes were so dramatic the lab thought there must be something wrong with their equipment and recalibrated all their machines and re tested the samples. It was that big a change!!

According to Dr. Feinsteing, a clinical psychologist, from the John Hopkins School of Medicine “the research evidence for energy psychology coming from more than a dozen countries, suggest that it produces outcomes for a range of conditions that are unusually rapid, effective and lasting.” It meets the criteria for “well-established treatments for phobias, anxiety and depression. This was in 2012 and it has now taken off with dozens of studies now demonstrating the effectiveness of tapping for a variety of issues. If you would like to read more of the studies, go to