Six weeks to your reinvigorated life

It’s time to focus on you

Let’s team up, focus on your mindset, and watch things fall into place.

Whether you’re

  • nearing retirement and not quite ready to sit around reading all day
  • travelling the grey nomad path and would love to take your business on the road
  • looking to return to your passions of the past
  • I can help you see there’s more available to you in life.

Keen? Read on.

Focus on You: Six-Week Package

We’ll move through my “Focus on You” system over six weeks so you can build secure foundations for your transformation. We’ll then take inspired action and build momentum towards the true and beautiful vision of your third act.

Here’s what we’ll focus on in those six weeks.

Building self-belief

You aren’t damaged goods.

In week one we’ll take the first step towards replacing your negative self-beliefs with positive ones and reignite your confidence.

Building positive self-belief is key to overcoming fears and sparking determination to reach your goals.

Clarifying your values

What is truly important to you?

Week two is all about uncovering the layers of your values system.

We’ll take a look at the values and beliefs that are growing you, and make a plan to reinvent the parts that don’t serve you anymore.

Rewriting your internal stories

Discover the theme of your life.

In week three we’ll look at the impactful moments in your life that have shaped who you are today.

We’ll also reinvent the story of your life, as no trauma or past is too damaged to heal.

Let’s get you closer to living a fearless, rewarding and meaningful life.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude

There’s nothing wrong with counting your blessings.

Week four is all about you growing your gratitude.

Gratitude opens the door to contentment, and helps unlock infinite abundance of happiness, peace, prosperity, and satisfaction with your life.

Getting out of your own way

Break down the walls that confine you.

In week five the train that is your life is well on its way to leaving procrastination station.

We address why you’re creating obstacles for yourself, and how to get rid of them.

Yup, you may be holding onto something that’s weighing you down. So together we’ll work towards letting it all go.

Creating momentum

It’s time to step into your power.

In week six you’ll step into the new and improved version of you, and start scaling your dreams and ambitions.

You’ll be at the end of the Focus On You journey and ready to take control of your life.