VIP package for a VIP woman

Six months to a more fulfilling life

I work with women who are standing at a crossroads in life.

By teaming up with an experienced coach like me, you’ll be able to finally see what each road could look like. We’ll shift any unhelpful emotional and mental blocks to your desires using EFT and other coaching tools. And give you the accountability to stay on the path and watch things fall into place.

Ready to team up with a straight-talking, compassionate, mature coach who’ll help to reignite your passion for life?

Read on.

Reclaiming YOU: VIP Package

VIP literally means ‘very important person’. And that’s exactly what you are.
You are important to all those around you, and even more so to yourself.

Being in the third act of your life shouldn’t stop you from chasing after the dreams, ambitions and aspirations of your younger self. It’s a new opportunity to empower yourself, whether that’s doing something new or finally reigniting the interests of your past.

Together we’ll work towards “Reclaiming YOU” over six months of fortnightly sessions that will tap into your potential and power.

What you’ll get

Throughout the six months of regular EFT coaching sessions you can expect to:

  • create a genogram for identifying areas to work on so we have a solid action plan to follow
  • receive your personal tapping video as early as your third session based on the big issue we discover in our sessions, which will give you the opportunity to effectively work on the areas that need the most work
  • assess your progress and any new issues that may have resurfaced
  • enjoy a tailored session according to what’s happening in your life and what’s affecting you the most
  • set goals for what you want to achieve in the next six months so we’re on the same page moving forward
  • clear unresourceful patterns of thinking and behaviour that stand in the way of you having a life experience that truly lights you up
    release fears, traumas and outdated beliefs from your childhood so that you can live your life in the present and not in the past
  • identify what’s holding you back from success so you can truly make choices based on courage and not fear
  • upgrade and enhance all areas of your life.

You’ll also get access to 30 minutes of email support per week, two SOS sessions you can use at anytime and FREE access to my EFT Entrepreneurs course.

The benefits

Increased happiness

Feel more in control of your mind and emotional responses.

A positive outlook

Increase your capacity for holding a positive outlook, and clear away unnecessary stressful stories and worries.

Grow your sense of safety

Your safety is my priority.

I promise that you’ll leave every session feeling safe and happy.