How can I get wealthy by tapping?

bigstock-Woman-doing-EFT-on-the-under-c-82300223Have you ever wondered how your mindset can be affecting your income, and how tapping can change this.  Maybe this blog post will help you.  If you have any questions, please ask.

When we are growing up we absorb everything around us, including the thoughts and feelings of the people in our lives. This is what children do in every area of their lives, and this includes money.

So if your caregivers fought about money all the time, you probably decided that money was scary, or a problem.

If you heard your parents say something like “oh look at that person, just because they have money they think they can treat the rest of us badly”.  Your conclusion would be that rich people are nasty people.

If the society you were in said that women’s place is in the home, and if she works she is not a good mother, then you will feel guilty every time you work, and feel torn in your roles. Or maybe now your children are grown you feel that it is your time, but the belief system is still there.  So thoughts like “I’m just a housewife”, or “I can never make really serious money, you have to have paid your dues”

And most of us have the belief that we “have to work hard for money” This belief will make it very hard to accept income from passive programs!!.

We have all grown up with some thoughts around money – good and bad. Those thoughts will impact on how much money wants to hang around us.

But just tapping on needing money will not make is appear in you bank account. You need to find your subconscious beliefs and then tap on eliminating them.

Following is an exercise you can do that will help you uncover your subconscious thoughts:

Write down how much income you would like to make.

Now double that amount and write that down in large red writing.

Look at that new number and listen for the voices in your head.  What are they saying?  (If you need some ideas I have a sheet of common beliefs here)  You can also view it online here: Our Mental Mind Monkeys

Imagine what your life will be like when you are earning that income.

What thoughts come up now?

Things like – “that will take too much work.” “Who am I to earn that much.”  Looking at what your life will look like, are you afraid that you will not have any friends, or your partner will leave you.  Do you think you have to wear makeup or fancy clothes all the time if you are really rich.

These thoughts give you a clue as to what is holding you back.  Why would you want to earn lots of money if you feel that you will not have any friends, or that you can’t wear what you like.  Or that the only way to wealth is sacrificing your health, or your marriage.  Because you can not serve two masters, your subconscious will always win the battle of how much income you make.

Change your subconscious beliefs and you will change the outcome.

And this is where tapping comes in.  Tapping helps to change your stories around money, to eliminate the stress that you feel, to rewire the brain so that making money and being wealthy feel like they are the norm.

And, hey presto! money arrives in your bank account.