5 Powerful Ways to Change your Money Programming

5 Powerful Ways to Change your Money Programming

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Having been in business for myself most of my life I have seen many businesses come and go,

and I have seen that our subconscious beliefs are often working against us. Setting up obstacles that get in the of achieving what we “think” we want, and blocking the way to our highest potential.

Thousands of would-be online entrepreneurs end up having to go back and get a JOB or live a standard of living that is much lower than their dreams. They have no idea what to do differently, and no idea that it is their mindset, not their business acumen that is the issue.


Margaret Lynch the author of the book “Tapping into Wealth” says:

“If you want to increase your wealth, it’s important to recognize that money has a mind/body component that offers you the opportunity to take control of how much you have. Most people simply aren’t aware that they have been programmed their entire life to interact with money in a very specific way, but the rewards of acknowledging and changing this programming can reflect enormously on your bank account and in your successful business endeavours”


Here are five new thoughts that will help you reach your goal.


1. Your money is actually to do with your thoughts.

Be aware that the current amounts in your savings account, your credit card and personal debt, and your income are all the result of your inner- wealth set point.
It seems like these would be the result of external factors beyond our control, and we have stories around why this is so. When you come to understand that it is all about the internal set point and it is actually under your control, then you have made a strong step towards changing the result. Instead of blaming yourself for the way things are, or avoiding money altogether you can change these set points and create new ones.


2. Look at your money story

Your set point comes from your early upbringing. The family and people around you when you were young. Go back to being a young child, and imagine you are watching a movie of your parents discussing money, their work life, and how money was handled. What can you see in that picture? What was being said, what were the feelings around money and what happened when the bills arrived? Was there any big trauma around money, like a person dying, divorce, or battles over child support. What did you as the child decide about money?
All these questions will help you clarify your money story, both in terms of your limiting beliefs around money and your emotional reactions in dealing with money now.


3. Do you have any ‘Financial trauma” around money?

If you have inflated personal debt, or always struggling for money, then there is likely to be some type of financial trauma around finances. This will be like a dark cloud always hovering over you, until you clear it away. Did something happen in the past that you can pinpoint and say “If that had not happened I would have been better off”. If there is something then it is probable that you still have some deep emotions about the issue and until you clear it, it will continue to drain your energy, confidence and your abundance.
This could be an ex-partner leaving you in debt, someone borrowed money from you and did not pay it back, you put something on credit that you wished you hadn’t. While you still hang onto the feelings then it is very difficult to bring your energy and creativity in to solve the problem.


4. Use EFT tapping to release and rewire

The topic of money often brings up strong emotions, and our nervous system is wired to keep us safe from danger. If money is perceived as a threat, the fight, flight or freeze mechanism is triggered and our body is ready to fight the enemy. This is great if it is a tiger, but if it is a speech that we want to give to explain what we do at a networking meeting, it is not useful. While our subconscious mind is programmed with fear, shame, regret, anger, or memories of fighting and stress, then it will try to keep you safe and away from the “issue” of money.

Lightly tapping on the acupuncture junction points on our face and body helps to release this tension and creates a shift in our subconscious beliefs. Emotional Freedom Technique or “tapping” is easy to learn and use but is an amazing tool for shifting your beliefs and feelings about money, wealth and abundance.


5. Time to set your money goals

Once you realize that how you behaved with money were programs handed down from your parents and even further back in the generations, and have cleared the messages that you received – both overtly, and unknowingly – you are now free to set your new goals.

Keep working at clearing your money mindset because there are many different aspects of this that will show up. You will need awareness to realize when some behaviour or thought is just another subconscious belief that has shown its head ready to be released.


Challenge your inner beliefs and you can set bigger goals for both your income and your life.

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