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Stepparenting Coaching

Being part of a stepfamily or divorce impacts on every element of your life as things are often very complicated and messy.

You can feel frustrated, confused, helpless and lost… especially when boundaries, expectations and communication are not properly established.

Building great relationships takes time and trust – and to foster happy stepfamilies takes even more time, commitment, and understanding.

To bridge the gap from chaos to calm, I walk the path with you to shine a light on a new perspective, providing you with the techniques you need to remove the emotional struggle and overwhelm that blending a family brings, and confidently step into your role as a calm co-parent.

Work With Me

Private Coaching

Stepfamily stressors come in many forms and might include: dissatisfaction over your role as a stepparent, unmet expectations in your stepfamily, difficult relationships with your stepchildren, exes, and your current partner, or simply feeling like you’re in a constant state of conflict.

Stepfamily coaching gives you the opportunity to work through your current challenges on a one-to-one basis either by yourself, or with your partner.

As an EFT and Stepparenting Coach I provide online coaching to help you feel confident in your position as a stepparent, navigate the blocks in your way right now, and bring peace back to your family relationships.

Online course

From break-down to bliss, my Happy Blended Families 6-Week Live Course walks you through 6 key components to creating happier stepfamily relationships.

This course is an online program where you observe, learn and form new habits around:

  • Knowing your stepfamily
  • Opening up communication channels
  • Looking at past, present, future and expectations
  • The differences and common downfalls of stepparenting vs parenting
  • Understand the child’s perspective
  • The stepfamily journey from breakdown to bliss

“So refreshing to work with a practitioner who has a practical way of ‘taking the weeds out of the garden of our lives’.
Kay is a warm, generous, and empathetic soul. She has a gift that supports you to release your blocks in no time at all.”

B. Roberts

Online support community

Thriving Blended Families is a wonderful online community for stepparents who want to get support and share experiences as we navigate the ups and downs of step-parenthood together.

It’s a safe space where you can:

  • share the ups and downs, and your aha moments
  • seek advice from fellow step-parents
  • find your support crew

Plus I regularly share videos, tips and insights in there as well.

Come on in and say hello now.

Workshops & Events

I am a regular contributor to step-parenting and EFT forums, communities and events.

I also present talks and workshops at numerous events all around Australia and globally through digital events, sharing advice, techniques and knowledge of proactive stepparenting and EFT to help thousands of families to enjoy comfortable, open, nurturing relationships in their stepfamilies.

See and connect with me at the following upcoming events.

“I have found Kay’s sessions to be invaluable and I have seen quick results and changes in me.
Thank you Kay, you are a life changer!”

G. Beames

Let’s Make A Positive Change To Your Step-Family Dynamics


I know that there are positive alternatives to the never-ending arguments, peace-keeping, and frustration that comes with blending families.

I also know that stepparents can use some encouragement to take a deep breath, review their perspective and try again – even when they think they’ve tried it all!

Whether you’re facing some tough times in your stepfamily relationships right now, or you’re just keen to be the best stepparent you can be, I can help you develop a calm and confident approach to stepparenting.

To see if we’re the right fit to work together, please book in a discovery call with me so that we can spend some time determining what is frustrating you the most right now, and how I can best help you solve that problem.