Why do I talk all about money?


I had a great question today.
Do I only work with money issues?

The simple answer is NO!
Money is just the mirror that people can easily see themselves in.

What I do is find the underlying issues. It is never about the money. I could just as easily say I work with relationships, health, weight, self-esteem or happiness.

Issues in any of these areas show us that something else is going on.

What do I mean?

Think about a person who is struggling to get their business off the ground. They are not making enough money and they know that the issue is that they need more clients. They post regularly into Facebook groups as a strategy to get known for what they do. And there is no response. No-one is listening, and no-one replies to the posts. Now a business strategy coach will look at the messaging, the images, the words used, the time of day the post was done. (like my coach recently telling me that posting at midnight will not get good views!!!!) All of this is great advice.


If the person has a view of themselves that says “no-one ever listens to me, I have always been invisible, why would anyone care about what I say” Maybe they have a belief system that says, “I am not that good at what I do, there are others who are so much better, I really need a qualification or three before I put myself out there” Then no amount of business strategy is ever going to help them be successful.

Now this same person will probably find that they struggle with their number 1 relationship. They will feel that their point of view is not considered, that they don’t get the attention that they want, they feel like their needs are not being met. They might even break off their relationship saying that the other person did not really love them!!

And it seems that her friends are hard to find too. They do things and forget to invite her. They don’t listen to what she wants to do. She will go to the Doctor and again feel her needs are ignored. Even her personal trainer forgets who she is

Then, I will ask questions about her family of origin and will see the pattern emerge.

As we work through the “stuff” around the business, we use those experiences to show us what are the feelings and beliefs and work through them to uncover what are the REAL issues. Change the feelings and beliefs using the tool of tapping and another tool called matrix reimprinting, (nicknamed – tapping on steroids) and like magic, the current day issues fade away. I know that sounds amazing, but they really do.

So, the quick answer is NO, I do not only work with money issues, in fact, there are no money issues, it is always an issue of what is going on underneath.

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