What you need to get started with EFT tapping?


Have you heard how good EFT tapping is, heard others comment how it felt like magic and heard everyone from Lousie Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Mercola recommend it, but how on earth do you know what to do.  How do you get started?


Step 1

Access a chart or a description of the tapping points. (chart printed at the end of the article) You can then memorize the points or follow along so that you know where they are and feel comfortable using them.  When you are tapping don’t worry too much if you forget a point or wonder if you are getting it perfect.  It is a very forgiving process and you can’t hurt anything, so relax and do the best you can.


Step 2

Identify something that you would like to change how you are thinking and feeling.  An easy one to start with is STRESS.  Think how stressed you feel generally.  Tune into your body and see if you can feel the tension in the various part of your body. Measure how stressed you feel, using what we call SUD – subjective units of distress.  This is a fancy way of saying, think how stressed you are and give it a number between 1-10, with 1 meaning very calm, and 10 meaning that you can hardly breathe.


Step 3

Write down the number and also some words about how you are feeling.  Maybe you feel that you can’t take a deep breath, or your shoulders are tight.  Maybe you just realized that you have a headache, or your stomach is tight.  Write down what you are feeling and where.  Include any other words that apply.    Tired, angry, sad, overwhelmed, and what you might be stressed about.


Step 4

Starting on the side of your hand, start tapping and saying – I feel……… (the emotion, the stress) because…….. (life sucks right now, there is too much work to do..) then finish with and I love and accept how I feel.  Do this three times.


Step 5

Start tapping on the facial points starting on the eyebrow and say one or a few words of how you feel.  (I’m stressed).  Then move to next point (I’m fed up), etc., saying exactly what you feel and what is inside all bottled up.  Some people say that they feel so much better just saying how they are feeling out loud.  To recognize that this is actually how they are feeling, and it does suck.  If you want to yell, yell, if you want to swear and this is how you would normally express feelings, then go ahead.  Say how it is for you.  Keep moving around the tapping spots about three times.


Step 6

After about three times around the spots, or when it feels right to you, stop.  Take a deep breath, have a sip of water and refocus on the original sentence.  How true does it now feel?  Have your thoughts around this issue changed?  Did other thoughts pop up as you were tapping around?  This is all useful information.  Sometimes it will be a random memory of something you haven’t thought about for years.  This is important.  This is your subconscious mind reminding you of something that has impacted you, and you have suppressed.  If you are ready and able, go there.  See what it is about. Tap on those memories.


Please note:

If you know that this is sensitive and a bigger issue.  Then tap and say, it is OK, I don’t need to go here now.  I can put this is in a box for later.  I can choose when I feel ready to look into this box, and for now, it is happy to sit in the cupboard, (or where ever feels safe).  These might be issues that you would like to work through with a qualified practitioner who has skills and techniques to help you heal these areas without retraumatizing.  It is actually amazing how well it works, and you will always feel safe and in control.


Step 7

How do you feel after a round of tapping?  Has the number come down?  If it has come down, but still above a 3, then keep going as you have been.  If the number is the same, then think about what else is bothering you about the issue and change the words that you are using.  If the number has gone up, that is OK.  What that means is you have found the right area, and now becoming more aware of how much this is affecting you.  KEEP TAPPING.  Keep going until you can say the number is under three.  Sometimes you will be trying to find the issue and it has just gone.  Vanished.  That is great.  You did it.  Other times it will come down slowly, and that is OK too.


And that is it.


Once you have memorized the tapping points, all you need is your fingertips and you are ready to tap away the stress, the worry and any negative feelings that arise as you grow your business and tackle the challenges of life.


What you need to get started with EFT tapping?