Travel in the world of COVID19

Travel in the world of COVID19


Did you have dreams of travel in 2020?


I did. I had three trips planned and one fully paid for. I was going to Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Four weeks exploring this most fascinating part of the world on a guided tour with like-minded people. It was a dream trip for me as a Christian to see where Jesus walked. To go to famous places, to sit on the hill and imagine myself listening to Jesus. To swim in the Dead Sea and cruise down the Nile river. I was to leave on the first of April. Watching the slow closure of places and tourist attractions through March was stressful. My tour company kept saying that the trip was still happening, but it seemed less and less likely to me and eventually, they cancelled. The only good thing about that was that they have returned all my money.

My next trip was planned for end of June when I was going to Canada to spend time with my ½ sister for her 40th birthday. I haven’t seen her for 8 years since her wedding and it would have been so good. I had booked the dates out on my calendar but luckily hadn’t paid out any money. 

Then another trip to America to catch up with a Facebook friend and support her as she gave her first talk at a big widow/widowers conference.

Meeting a Facebook friend, listening to her talk and going to the conference were all exciting moments. But there are no flights, and there is no conference. I will be staying in Australia for the foreseeable future.

Then I thought I could go with my daughter on her family trip to Port Douglas. But that has been cancelled too because she is in Victoria and the Queensland borders are closed to those from Victoria.


It seems that most people are getting their money back or credits for their flights. I wonder how that will work if Virgin don’t fly again?


My tour company wanted to give me a credit for the money I had paid and book me on the same trip next year. Sounds good, except I am not sure how the world will look even in April 2021. Plus, what are my plans? I still want to do that trip, but when is another question. I didn’t want to be locked in so asked for all my money back and they did return it. The flights I had booked are finally returning their money now. They are not returning all of it, but again I would rather the money than credit, and we will see how I go with getting the rest back with insurance. I have the Covermore insurance so we will see.

So here we are in the middle of the year. All our overseas travel plans cancelled and no knowing when we will be able to plan an overseas holiday. An Australian holiday is the only choice at present and right now when I am writing this some state borders are still closed and possibly will stay that way for a while longer.

I like the new advertising strategies where we are being encouraged to see Australia. I agree. We have an amazing country and there are so many fascinating places to see.


I was extremely lucky to travel extensively around Australia. We did an 18-month trip in a converted bus about 26 years ago. It was one of the best things I have ever done 


and if you have ever thought about taking time off and travelling around this stunning country, I would highly recommend it. We met people who were travelling in every type of vehicle imaginable. Old caravan for a family of 5. A ute with canopy for a talented artist. Tents and caravans. Big motorhomes and little. We spent 18 months on the road and felt that we didn’t get to see everything we wanted to. Others did shorter trips and saw portions of the country with plans for further trips.

Now is the perfect time to plan an Aussie holiday. Where shall I go?

Last Easter I did a quick trip to Hobart with some of my children and loved it. I could spend more time in that area. I have friends in Alice Springs and would love to catch up with them. The only part of Australia I haven’t seen yet is north of Townsville and a granddaughter has just come back from there and said that there are no crowds and it is stunning. So, this might be on the top of my list.

I think the north of Western Australia has the best beaches and I could easily go back there. One of Australia’s best-kept secrets is the Ningaloo reef.


What places would you recommend someone visit? Where would you like to go next?


This is the perfect year for an Australian holiday, let’s get our travel bug back and go.

Please send me your recommendations.