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Hi everybody! It’s Kay here from and today we’re going to do a new video blog called “The oddest places you will find tapping”.

Now what does that mean?

Well, we sit here and we discuss tapping and eft and you will hear it in many self-development courses and conferences. It’s becoming quite the
buzzword and the place to be which is cool, but you also find it in many other places.

And one of those places you’ll find it is on the sporting field. And if you pay attention, you will see people as they’re coming out to play in the grand
final or something just doing some of this stuff. You probably won’t see them doing this, but you will see them just calmly walking out doing this.

And there’s been some quite famous examples in the rugby and the basketball, in some of the running sports. There’s been a few times where you will see people just doing this.

Pretty cool, huh?

An interesting other place that I saw it, I guess a year ago was in a TV show called “The Doctors” and the guy was going up in a small plane and fearing going to fly. And his friends go, “Oh, there’s this thing called tapping. Why don’t you try that?” And so they did.

That tapping for fear of flying is actually quite a well known thing to do. So if anybody you know has got a fear of flying, then tapping is a really good place to go and fact to such a degree that places like Virgin when they’ve set up their fear of flying courses include tapping as part of their course.

One very famous person that’s used tapping for her fear of flying was Whoopi Goldberg. And there are YouTube clips having with her explaining how this has worked for her.

Apparently, she refused movie roles that required her to fly and so has restricted her jobs and now she’s still quite famous. So obviously didn’t restrict them too far, but she felt that her fear of flying had restricted her life. And when though she was offered this course on flying and reducing the fears she took it. And what they taught her was tapping.

There are just so many places that we can use this skill that we now have at our fingertips to help us in our lives to overcome the fears.

So exam pressure and there’s actually some research being done now of tapping in schools and the research has mostly been done with the high achievers,the kids that are in the elite class, because they tend to be the kids who are also very very stressed about exams and can push themselves into illness.

And so they did this tapping and found that yes it did help them actually do better in their exams, but also have less stillness and less stress around their lives.

And so when you find tapping in all of these strange places that you maybe wouldn’t think. Especially when you just know me as a, “Let’s tap and make more money”.

It’s also being used for people in end-of-life. So when they’re in a hospice type situation obviously fear again and pain are part of the issue. And again teaching them tapping helps to calm them down.

Disabled children – so even when they can’t talk they can still tap. And there’s a lovely story of a tapping person going into a disabled you know a special classroom and teaching the teachers about what to do and one of the teacher’s daughters came running in and the daughter’s teacher was nonverbal.

So she’s just you know making noises and and quite distressed obviously distressed.

And so they went by, “Okay, here’s a good place to demonstrate.”  And all they did was teach you to go tap tap-tap. So just saying tap-tap, tap-tap, tap-tap. And she instantly calmed down.

So what an absolute brilliant tool to have to help someone calm down.

And it works really well in children and in intellectually disabled because they haven’t got this thing in their brain going, “Oh, this isn’t gonna work. Oh, this is silly. Oh, I look silly.” And all of those things that we might be saying. They’re happy to go tap tap tap tap tap tap.

And that works because remember that one of the main things that tapping is doing is reducing the stress in our system.

So by tapping on these points, we’re sending the signal to say, “Calm down. It’s okay.”

And that signals going to that amygdala.

Remember we talked about it’s like a smoke detector in the brain? And it’s going to that smoke detector and saying, “It’s okay. Calm down.”

So it works for everybody.

So whether they’re a young child, whether they’re intellectually disabled and not able to even speak, or elite sports people, or famous movie stars.

It works for all of those situations because we’re all got this same stress response in our body and we’re tapping and calming it down.

And so one of the things I’m going to offer today is opt in and we’re going to do a tapping video for fear of flying.

So any of you have that fear or know someone with that fear, then opt in and we will tap on that today.

Remember it will work for any situation.

So the fear of public speaking, the fear of doing a Facebook live, or a YouTube video, the fear of being visible.

And that’s why it works so well for business and making money because there’s so many steps that we need to take that has a spilling like, “I can’t do that. I can’t you know that.”

And that fear response comes up.

And so we can tap on whether it’s the fear of flying or whether it’s the fear of doing a YouTube video, it’s still fear.

And fear of performing, whether that performing is singing, whether that performing is giving a talk, or whether that performing is just doing it on a one-on-one basis, or a basis like this where I’m doing a video.

And I just think that’s wonderful for us to have this tool that we can use.

I have a tapping group that I do, a live tapping group. You know with people, real people at the time.

And we work on, we’ve done a lot of food craving stuff, but we’ve also done fear.

And one of them was a fear of lifts.

So again that small enclosed space. And talked about refusing to take the lift or having panic attacks. And the fear that something, “What if the lifts going to stop”.

And that same fear in aeroplanes.

That feeling of claustrophobia.

And one lady in particular was.

We we’re in a particular room and it’s not that smaller room, but you know we went to close the door to the room.

And she said, “Oh, don’t close the door. I don’t like confined spaces.”

That’s just asking Kay to come along and tap on it.

So like, “Okay, let’s tap on the fear of confined spaces.”

And we tap.

We did one or two rounds which is, “Well, you can close the door but don’t turn off the light.”

So Kay of course goes, “Okay, let’s turn off the light.”

And again, we did about two rounds of tapping and she’s got, “Oh, it’s all right. I can see the light coming through. It was like a glass, a bit of a  glass panel on the door.” She say, “I see the light coming through there.”

So of course, we went out and closed the curtains of the other room just to reduce the light. And she was fine.

And the thing about tapping away fear is exactly that.

It started off a fear of just closing the door.

In the end, we were tapping away the fear of being in dark confined spaces.

Because the fear just went that quickly that it was like, “Oh well, that’s all right.”

But it’s the next one.

“Oh, that’s alright.”

But it’s the next one.

So that’s what tapping can do and that’s where tapping can be found in strange places.

And if you would like to do a tapping video on confined spaces and particularly the fear of flying, then log in below and we will take you to a video where we’re
going to tap away those fears.

Bye for now and happy tapping!

Watch the FREE video: Tap away the fear of flying

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