Tapping videos 5 of 9: Stress

hand-stressHi, this is Kay from KayBayly.com.

Today we’re going to talk about stress and tapping is absolutely one of the best things you can do for stress and I know every one of us gets stressed sometimes.

So one of the keys about tapping is how it works for stress.

As we tap on the various points, where she’s sending a signal to the medulla part of your brain which is where the stress response comes from. So that flight or fight response that we all know comes with stress and we all know the feelings that come with stress: the tension, the heartbeat, the sweating, the anxiousness, the pain in your stomach.

All of those feelings are all coming from this fight or flight response that comes from our brain and that’s actually really bad for a long-term health.  It’s putting it at quarters all which is affecting your hormone levels is a whole range of reasons why stress is bad for us.

The tapping helps to reduce the stress.

Now there might be some days where you’re just so stressed you can’t really figure out how you get a tap on that. You’re just stressed and that’s great. Just start there. So we start on our tapping at the karate chop point and we’ll say something like, “I feel so stressed.  Even though I feel so stressed I don’t know what else to do but i love and accept how I feel.  Even though I feel all this stress.  I’m so stressed.”

So we just talk about stress when we were too stressed to think about what’s causing it and we go through like, “I’m tense. I’m stressed. I can feel my heart beating.”

Just explain the symptoms that you’re feeling and as you go through and after a couple of rounds you should find that that stress response is reduced and you’re now able to think things and that’s the beauty of tapping.

Because now once we take away some of that fight-or-flight response out of the brain. We can start putting blood in this for brain which is a thinking brain. It’s where the intelligence part of us comes from and where we can start looking at a situation and thinking, “What’s really going on here?”

And then you can go into the tapping for the actual issues, but to start with just literally start with the stress. If you’re so stressed, you can’t even think straight then that’s great. Start exactly where you are and tap. Bring that stress down and then your forebrain intelligent part of you can start coming up with the solutions.

Hope that helped you today.

Happy tapping everybody.