Self care includes the important people in your life

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Hi everybody. It’s Kay here and it’s just a few days before Christmas and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

I love Christmas time. I love everything about Christmas. I love the decorations and the presents and the fun with family.

And as many of you know, families are very big value of mine. So Christmas time is wonderful.

We’re going to be getting together with at my son’s new house and with nearly all of the kids. It’s very hard to get everybody together, but I think there’s just one child missing and there will be four grandchildren missing. So one of these years it’ll be everybody together, but this year is going to be fantastic as many most years. And I hope that’s the case for you.

I know not everybody believes in the religious value of Christmas, but I do. I have a belief that it is a celebration of when Jesus was born. And although probably not his actual birthday, it’s the day we celebrate and I am very grateful that I’ve able to celebrate his birthday on this day and we have just been done with my family at the same time.

But talking about family, I want to talk about self-care and your family. Because we hear lots of stuff about self-care the really important part in business is to look after ourselves.

And it was our tapping practice is part of our self-care. Making sure we don’t get too stressed, too overwhelmed, too bogged down, too fearful. All of those things where tapping can really make a big difference in our self-care and meditation and journaling and of course eating well, exercising and sleeping are all important part of self-care.

But there’s another part that we often don’t talk about.

And that’s the rest of the family.

So when you’re busy growing your business and spending hours talking on Facebook, and you know answering things, working in your business. What’s happening to the rest of your family?

And I know that some clients have had issues with partners feeling neglected. And that’s not what we want to achieve either.

We’ve got this dream of what our business looks like and for most of it that dream looks like money and success and doing well in our fields at the same time as having wonderful relationships, wonderful families, health for us and for them.

And we need to think of success as as this big piece of pie not just the narrow bit of success in business.

So when we talk about self-care, let’s add in the self care of our partners, our children, our parents, our friends, all of that that make up the big piece of pie that we really really want in our successful life.

Partners who feel neglected are not happy and they’re not going to do all that well at supporting you and you know that’s not where we want to go with our life.

We want wonderful successful relationships so self-care needs to also be self-care for your family.

So this is when you’ve stopped working, stop working. Take the time off. So if you’re going to spend some time in the next week or so having time off, have time off.

I do not want to see anybody’s Facebook posts on Christmas day. Have the day and enjoy the day with your family or your friends or whoever you’re with and enjoy being with them.

Your business will be there in the next few days and you can come back to it. But really give attention when you are with your family, give your family attention. When you’re with your partner, give your part attention.

Now I know many of us have the habit of we’re watching TV and their partners watching TV, but we’re also scrolling through Facebook. I think that’s okay, but make sure they think it’s okay.

Do they feel that every time they try and talk to you you’re on Facebook? That you’re driving in the car and all they see is you with Facebook. And you know are they feeling neglected?

It’s important to check because that’s not the type of success that we’re after.

We want success in every area of our life.

And my message is you can have it all.

You can have a successful business. You can be healthy and fit. You can have great relationships, great friends and have a fun life as well.

And that’s a different message than we’ve had for many years where you know the man had to go to work and yet to sacrifice everything to climb the tree.

We in the heart-centered business realm don’t believe that. That’s not the sort of success we’re after, but we have to act like that’s not what we’re after.

So if we act like we’re just going to constantly work, work, work, work, and work is the only thing on our mind, then the people around us will get that feeling that that’s all we care about.

So take some time, enjoy your family, your friends.

Enjoy the time and the days you’ve got off and have fun. That’s my message.

So Merry Christmas for all of you.


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