Money Myths Number 3: Time = Money

I really want to help you learn how to bring financial abundance into your life, without taking on another “J.O.B.” or killing yourself working a million hours.


Seriously, this has to stop. People are just working WAY too hard, for WAY too little money…and it REALLY doesn’t have to be that way.


Have you heard Money Myth number 3- “Time is Money”?


This suggests that the ability to make money is inherently limited.  Many people feel that how much they can earn is linked to how hard they work (Myth 1 – “have to work hard to make money”) and this myth that you “have to work long hours to make money”.  This then restricts them to how much money they can earn.  Whether you feel you are worth just $20 per hour, or you believe you are worth $500 per hour there is still a limit to how much you can earn.  (Just ask the hard working Doctors and Lawyers)


Yet we have examples around us that show this myth to not be true.  The fortunes that have been made with the rise of Apple, Facebook, Pinterest, all in a short space of time, show that it can be done, yet many people still believe it takes a long-term effort and serious single-minded dedication to become a millionaire.


I am sure you know some online entrepreneurs’ who have also made seriously good incomes and not working long hours.  Denise Duffield Thomas our local Aussie girl is earning a good million each year now, but it was only a few years ago that she was broke.  Nick Ortner of tapping fame, tells the story of how broke he was before he discovered tapping.  Who do you know, even if they are one of your online hero’s, that are now earning seriously good income?


It is true that many millionaires are workaholics, and many of them have ended up divorced, estranged from their children, and some are even struggling to be nice people.  But there are actually many more, that we do not hear about because they are living happy, healthy lives.  They stay married to the one partner, spend time with their children, look after their health, and live a life of contentment, and authenticity.  They have been able to make money by removing themselves from the Time= Money equation.


The belief that time is a crucial ingredient to wealth is important to many of us because this is the belief that lets us off the hook if we are not wealthy. We can rationalize our mediocre income by saying that our health or our relationship is more important.  Saying things like love is more important than money, or health is the most important thing.


This allows us to say that we don’t have financial freedom because we have chosen more important things!!!


We say, “I don’t want to sacrifice my family or my lifestyle just to become rich.  There’s more to life than money.”


Yes.  There is more to life than money.  Family, friends and the pursuit of the things we feel passionate about are important ingredients for a happy life.  But who says we have to sacrifice these things for financial freedom or money?


We can actually have it all.  Anything else is just a story that you are telling yourself and it is holding you back from having everything you want.


There are wonderful stories of women doing this all the time with their online businesses.

One I talked to one the other day.  She made $10,000 in her first year in business, $188,000, in her second year in business, and last week, her third year in business just hit the $1million income for the year.  That is meteoric, but she is not the only one with those types of numbers.


Once you have conquered the thoughts in your head, it is actually that easy.


While you are thinking “I would rather be nice than rich”, “Or all rich people are unhappy and divorced,” then your subconscious brain will continue to hold you back.  Because it wants you to be happy, and safe.


Let go of the stories, and you are free to fly.


Think about being a millionaire.  What thoughts come up?  Write these down.  Then say to yourself, I am a millionaire, how does it feel in the body, what else can you hear?


Tap on all the thoughts and feelings that come up and pay attention to any fleeting thought that goes through your brain while you are tapping.  This is your subconscious brain giving you a clue as to what is holding you back.  Pay attention, especially to any memories that you have from your early life.  These were important times for you to lay down your beliefs.


Keep tapping until you can say, “I am a millionaire” and the thought that comes up is, maybe not today but very soon.


If you would like more help with tapping through issues that are holding you back come and check out my brand new course MIND MATTERS.  In this course, you will tackle other mind monkeys that are getting in the way of you having the business success that you want, and clear them.  The more that you clear, the quicker you can have the life of your dreams.


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