is there a downside to stressHave you ever watched someone and been amazed how they cannot see all the ways that they are self-sabotaging?

Well, you might be surprised to realize that people are watching you in the same way.

We are all the same. We all have blocks, blind spots and unconscious habits that are keeping us stuck.

And sometimes these blocks are there because we fear success

Ask yourself, could there possibly be a downside to success?

Is there are downside to creating the life of your dreams?

Your instinctive answer is going to be of course not. I want financial success, a great personal life, and to be able to follow my passion and create the life of my dreams.

But underneath there is a sneaky, tricky other side to you that is keeping you stuck.

You know the feeling, the inner feeling, the angst that says, “I should be doing better”

Feel that feeling – what thoughts come up around it?

This is where I encourage journaling. Write down all the thoughts that you have. Acknowledge the truth of how you feel.

Are you feeling frustrated, hungry for more? You feel that you are doing everything you need to be doing. You are listening, reading and learning, but nothing is changing. You feel that you are making changes, but there are no outer results.

Pick something you would like to change.

Close your eyes and imagine that dreams do come true.

See it coming true. If it is your business you would like to see growing – See your business full of customers, people raving about you on social media, your appointment calendar is full. You are charging twice what you are charging now, you are in demand as a speaker.

How do you feel?

What is the downside?

Are you feeling afraid, worn out, full of self-doubt? Are your parents, siblings and friends in the picture? What are they saying?

What are you saying and feeling?

Write it all down

Pick one of those issues that you would like to change.

Thinking about that issue:

Where in your body do you feel the feeling?

What does it feel like – size, colour, shape and density

Give it a number out of 10 with 1 being not much feeling and 10 meaning that you can hardly breathe. What is the number. Write it down.

What are your thoughts?

Write them all down

Look for the core belief.

It could be something like – if I get full I will have no free time, I won’t be able to cope, I will burn out, and get sick and never be able to work again in my life, and I might die. (This sounds silly but our brain easily goes to catastrophe)

So, the belief here is, if I get full I wouldn’t be able to cope with all the clients.

Then ask WHY?

Because I will run out of energy and time and have no time off.


Because I am working too many hours to make the business work, and I will have to keep going?


Because you have to work hard to make money – everyone knows that.

AHAHHH – that is the core belief. That is the internal programing that pushes us along.

This belief is stored in the amygdala, and it is sent to the part of your brain that is like a smoke detector, the limbic system. At the first sign of smoke it sends out the signal that there is danger. We panic, we get stressed, all the stress responses activate – heart beats faster, hands get sweaty, and the blood flows away from the thinking part of our brain. (It also flows away from digestion and reproductions as you don’t need those when you are facing danger)

Now, you can’t think straight. You just know that this is not something you want to do. So, you don’t. You procrastinate, you find other things to do that are more important – like cleaning out the fridge.

This is where tapping steps in.

It is a tool to access that part of your brain, the fears and worries.

These are not really you, they are just patterns that have been set up years ago, like an old computer program that is running in the background, but when it gets triggered the whole computer goes crazy. You didn’t even know that the old program was there, so you do not understand why nothing is changing.

Clear the old program, delete it from the computer and you will find personal fulfillment like you have never felt before.

Tapping is the quickest and easiest way to access and change the old beliefs.
These beliefs are what are holding you back and keeping you playing small.

If you are longing to create more, to be more and have more, then the tool of tapping can speed everything up.

If you would like to see how this is done, and experience this for yourself,
Log on below and watch a video of me tapping on the fears that you have about success.


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