How to have LESS STRESS

Less stress tapping eft thought field therapySo many good talks at the Heart Mind Connect Conference, and I wanted to give you a taste of what I have been learning.
First cab of the rank is Dr. Helena Popovic’s talk, “Turn Stress into Success”

I wanted to share this talk with you as I know what a big issue stress is for most of us, and Dr Helena gave some wonderful simple practical ideas of what we can do.

She had a wonderful acronym to help us remember her points – LESS STRESS

L – Label things differently

You can choose what attitude you are going to have to any situation.  It really is all a matter of perception.

E – Evaluate

The ultimate stress busting question is, “Does this really matter, will it matter in a year?”
Answer this question honestly and you will find nearly everything doesn’t need to be stressful. How many things have you worried and stressed about that have not happened?

S – Sleep on it

If you are not getting adequate night’s sleep then your cortisol levels, the stress hormones are higher at the start of the day than they normally would be. You are starting the day stressed, so each thing that happens is just going to add to that stress. Less sleep impairs your cognitive function and if you have had less than 5 hours sleep you are operating as if you have a blood alcohol level of .05

S – Share it with a mate

Helena had some wonderful studies that showed that small talk is valuable. Chatting around the water cooler at work actually reduced sick days, and absenteeism. Couples who fought more had more colds. We need to be connected and feel like there is someone listening to us

S – Spend time in Nature

We know that we feel better when we can get away from the city noise and congestion, but how many of us actually do anything about it. Even getting outside and seeing some grass and trees helps, and if you can’t do that, then even a pot plant on your desk can make a difference.

T – Thank People

Saying thank you, recognizing what others do for you, being aware of all the good things that are happening to you are all easy ways to reduce stress. Keeping a gratitude journal , where you writedown 3 things that you are grateful for each day. Some days it might only be that the sun shone and you were able to breath, but these are things to be grateful for.

R – Read my books

She added this one in as a bit of a joke because she needed an R to make her acronym work, but she was also partly serious because reading books that show how this all works is very valuable

E – Exercise

She had a small box and said that it was the best gift that she could give to us. This gift can reverse type 2 diabetes and reduce the affects of type 1, it can reduce heart attack and stroked, it grows bones and muscles, it lifts depression, helps prevent dementia etc. It is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Try a little exercise of running as fast as you can on the spot for just 30 seconds. This is enough to affect your brain health, stress levels and memory. (try it – it is amazing how long 30 seconds is!!)

S – Still your mind

Can you sit quietly in a room by yourself? For many of us that is the hardest thing that you will be asked to do. Yet it is the best thing for the brain, to help with creativity and memory. We are all multitasking and this it actually bad for our brain, and doesn’t get more done. It is stressful. We work better, faster and smarter if we are well rested and then concentrate on one thing only.

Other ways you can still your mind -taking deep breaths. This changes the brain chemistry and changes the hormones. Remember to breath right down into your diaphragm and breath in and out slowly.

Being quiet and just listening to the sounds around you also works well, and we did about 5 mins of stillness. Think of you mind like a bottle of water with some dirt in it. When you shake the bottle the particles float all over the bottle, but if you let the bottles settle for just a few minutes the dirt will sink to the bottom and there is now plenty of space in the water. Room for creativity and thinking

S – Stay in the present

All of the speakers talked about the importance of staying in the present. (Joe Dispenazia spent 5 hours on the topic,!!) The past affects us too much and yet it is past. If you keep thinking about the past then you will allow the old you to be the present day you as well. The future is not here, and we have no idea what is going to happen, it is only in the now that we can be who we truly are. Focus on one thing at a time, and enjoy being present NOW

None of these ideas are radically new. None of these ideas cost money. And they are all with in the reach of all of us. Do not be deceived by how easy they are. Stress is a major issue and does affect how well you cope with the world.

If you do find yourself stressed then it is time to tap.

Click here if you would like a video to follow to help you when you are feeling stressed.