Learn how using EFT can help you sleep

Learn how using EFT can help you sleep


Regular sleep is key to a healthy body and a clear mind, as it is during sleep that your body renews itself.

When life gets busy, sleep is often the first activity that we sacrifice, or we struggle to stay asleep. Considered a luxury by many busy people, sleep is actually as important as drinking water, eating vegetables and moving daily for health and for coping with the demands of life.

Not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling drained and sluggish, in fact, it has been shown that operating on less than 5 hours sleep, has the same reaction times as being .05 blood alcohol level.

While eight hours is the average amount of sleep most adults should aim for, the right amount of sleep varies for each person, but not that much. 7 – 9 hours seems to be best for everyone. How much we sleep also varies, depending upon what stage we are in life. Young people often need more sleep, (maybe those teenagers sleeping in on the weekend are not just lazy) while older people may need less. The benefits of sleep always stay the same. Regular and consistent periods of wakefulness and sleep are key ingredients to fostering a healthy body and a clear mind. It is during sleep that your body renews itself.

During sleep, your body and psyche are both regaining their strength for the coming day. You may even have the unique opportunity to explore the hidden recesses of your personality while you dream. Meanwhile, your long-term memories are reinforced.

Many cultures engage in an afternoon siesta. Taking a nap is refreshing and can increase both productivity and creativity. We might laugh and call it a Nana nap, but this Nana thinks it is the best thing invented. Author Lewis Carroll is said to have conceived his idea for Alice in Wonderland while dreaming. A nap is a short sleep and can be combined with a visualisation or meditation to rest the mind.

A good night’s sleep also has been known to bring with it the gifts of clarity, wisdom, and a fresh perspective. Even the ancient Greeks thought of sleep as a gift from the gods. Give yourself the gift of a peaceful slumber and you will likely find yourself feeling alert, refreshed, and ready for life’s challenges. You may also find yourself feeling more centered, thoughtful, and aware throughout the day so you can live your full potential.

If you are thinking well this is all great Kay, but I struggle to go to sleep or wake up during the night. I wish I could get a good night’s sleep, that is just what I want.

This is where EFT tapping comes in. EFT helps us to destress from everything. From the issues from childhood right up to today’s annoyances. We have stressors coming into our system every day. Often we are too busy – doing – each day to deal with the stress, but then we lay day at night and relax and all our worries come rushing in. We toss and turn as we repeat conversations that we wish we had had, we wake up worrying about a problem that we haven’t solved, and we feel stressed even thinking about going to bed because we know who much of a battle it is to go to sleep.

This does not have to be this way. Using the tool of tapping we can reduce our day to day stress, and deal with issues that are worrying us. There is also a cool way we can use this tool while we are lying in bed and TRYING to go to sleep.

Come and check out my Facebook live on the Abundant Entrepreneurs group. It is free to be a part of this group, and I do regular live tapping sessions. Today’s session I talk about how you can use tapping to help you get to sleep or get back to sleep if you wake during the night. It is a powerful tool to help with sleep.

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