Do You Fear Success?

do you fear successYou know what you want, you can see it clearly, you can nearly taste it, but days pass and you don’t do anything much in your business.

You think and you think about what you could do, and would like to do to move your business forward, but when it comes time, you find yourself hiding behind your to-do list, or messing around on Facebook.

If this sounds familiar, then this is possibly a fear of shining.

Shining is a bit of a buzz word, but what does it mean for you?

It could mean that you feel that you are stepping up, you are doing what you want to do, and you are excited about the actions you are taking and how you are showing up in your business.

Or it could mean that others are commenting on how you look and feel to them.  They are noticing the change and the energy around you, and it feels to them that you are shining.

So what does it feel like to shine?
Shining means that you are on FIRE.  You are in flow.  You feel a strong passion for what you are doing, you believe in it fully, and you are doing it.  Everything is working as it should, the words are flowing and you are in love with your life.

Others are seeing you and being drawn to you, they are wowed by what you are saying.  They want to hear more and are signing up for you courses and programs.  You are having a strong impact on others and they want to be around you.

This all sounds exciting and wonderful, BUT are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by these feelings.  Are you feeling that this might be a bit too much, or that you might be offending people?

Are you worried that you can’t keep it up, that you might run out of shine, or are you just feeling scared?

Believe it or not these are feeling all of us have when we are progressing to the next level in our business.  It is crazy that just as things are going well you start feeling doubtful, and want to full back.

This is what Gay Hendricks is talking about when he describes the upper limit problem.  He says

“The Upper Limit Problem is our universal human tendency to sabotage ourselves when we have exceeded the artificial upper limit we have place on ourselves.”

It is actually a good thing. It means that you are progressing and growing.  Our growth is little bit by little, hitting the upper limit and falling back sometimes, then getting back up hitting it again, and getting to the other side.

Then quoting Gay Hendricks again when

“We break free of the Upper Limit and feel a flow of good feelings…. We expand our capacity to enjoy more love, abundance and success.”

This is what it means to shine, and I wish you all happy shining!