It doesn’t matter how complicated your family setup is, you can still make it work beautifully.

Let me show you how.



It doesn’t matter how complicated your family setup is, you can still make it work beautifully.


Let me show you how. 


“Wow! Working with Kay is absolutely amazing. You can tell she’s bringing a lot of rich experience and wisdom on the call.”


I’m Kay Bayly, and I know exactly what it’s like being part of a stepfamily.

My “his, hers, and ours” family includes being married twice, experienced 2 ex-wives, have 8 biological children, 7 stepchildren (4 boys from 1st family and 3 girls from the second family), 12 grandchildren, and 5 step-grandchildren.

Needless to say, the journey has not been easy, but I have walked the path and am now thriving as a stepparent and step-grandparent. Now as a Certified Stepparenting coach I share all that I’ve learnt along the way so that you can avoid the pitfalls of chaos that I endured, and be lifted to a place of calm with skills to navigate the hurdles with ease and grace.

As a Stepparenting Coach I give you the techniques to confidently and calmly reduce friction, nurture relationships, and in the long run, build a beautiful blended family that brings you joy – not frustration!

It doesn’t matter if you are just thinking about joining forces or have been in a relationship for a while, there is plenty to learn and things you can do to continue nurturing healthy family relationships.

Stepfamilies, blended families, yours, mine and ours – whichever combination of family you are now a part of, or looking at joining – are scary because we all know the statistics for success, and they do not look pretty.

But there is some good news!

The success rate improves dramatically with support and guidance -and that is where I come in.

As a stepfamily coach I help couples to have the knowledge and understanding to eliminate issues before they cause anger, hurt and dissolution.

I know how valuable getting support is because I first took part in Stepfamily coaching as a participant in 1995 with my second husband. I wanted to learn all I could to prevent the same issues that occurred with my first husband, and I was amazed at what I learnt and the difference it made to both of us.

I am now a trained Stepfamily Coach myself running events, courses and programs for stepfamilies around the globe. Being able to share the lessons I’ve learnt and offer the guiding light when tension is running strong is something I enjoy very much.

However, where I see the biggest shifts in clients is through learning new communication styles, flexible perspectives, and self-awareness. That’s where my EFT skills combined with stepparenting coaching comes together to achieve incredible transformation for my clients.

The 5 key areas I notice stepfamilies coming unstuck are:

Communication Style (or lack there of!)

Money and Finances

Expectations of partners and childrens

Discipline and Behaviour 

Self-Awareness, Mindset & Perspective

As a certified StepFamily Counsellor I work closely with you – or your partner – through my coaching and courses to navigate where things are coming unstuck in the relationships, and provide guidance on how you can move forward calmly, confidently and with clarity. 


My Qualifications & Expertise include

  • Registered StepFamily counsellor with Stepfamilies Australia
  • Postgraduate diploma in counselling
  • Qualified EFT Practitioner
  • Experienced Money Mindset Coach
  • Degree in Social Sciences majoring in Psychology and Environmental Science
  • Previously owned a health shop, property development company, PT service business, and EFT practice – all while navigating stepfamily life.

Work with me to create and nurture thriving stepfamily relationships

With a powerful combination of coaching, EFT and ongoing support I can help you address both the surface and underlying issues affecting your stepfamily. This approach successfully changes damaging behaviour and thought patterns, and integrates that behaviour and understanding into daily practice.

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