7 worst songs about money

Hi everybody and today on the video blog we’re going to talk about the seven worst songs about money.

So I’ve picked these songs because they all have that whole belief that money is bad. That you have to work hard for money. That money is a problem. That money’s negative and there were so many songs to choose from that it was actually quite hard because it seems like we only want to sing about the negative.

So the number one song that I’ve picked is the ABBA, “Money money money” and Abba’s one of my favorite bands. I actually love their music, but when you listen to those words in that song, the plan is to marry a wealthy man. That was the plan and it’s funny in a rich man’s world.

So the lyrics are following along that belief system that says you know the only thing that girls can do is marry a rich guy and that there’s poor people and then there’s this other world called rich people and it’s like a different world and different people.

And unfortunately that’s what the lyrics are saying. And yet the tunes nice and catchy.

And then I was thinking I found another one by Donna Summer and it’s called “She works hard for the money”. What sort of message are we giving people when that’s the title of the song? And that’s what those words of the song are all about – “how hard she works”. So it was sort of saying, “You should respect her because she works hard.” But it’s like it’s not really the message we were wanting to put into our brains either.

What about Pink Floyd and their song called “Money” and their lyrics were, “Get a good job with more pay and you’re okay.”

So really puts more of that emphasis that we have learned that you know. Go to school, get a good job. You know, work hard, get a better job, get more money, pay a mortgage and you’ll be okay.

And that’s not the goal that we’ve got for our life.

Then ACDC. Actually ACDC came up twice on my list of seven.

So one that they’re songs called “Money talk” and it says, “come on, come on, love me for my money.”

So I don’t know about you, but that’s not my goal of the way to find a partner just because they’re rich. And of course, we know that there are people out there that do that, but that’s not what we want for us empowered women.

And the other one is “Ain’t no fun waiting to be a millionaire” and it was all about, you know, that it was like being a millionaire would be something that would just happen to you.

And Madonna. Madonna’s song, “Material Girl” and it was interesting when I was researching for this article Madonna says if she had known how popular that song would be and how she’d be called the Material Girl she wouldn’t have done the song.

So that’s from her own mouth that she doesn’t like the message of that song that she’s a Material Girl.

Because that’s not what we want for our lives.

Now the good news is there are good songs out there and so below I’ve made a playlist of some of the good songs.

And one that I really would like you to clicking on is Judy Cranston and she’s got a whole bunch of songs of affirmations. They’re real bouncy and you might
have seen a little clip that I put on Facebook where we were all singing the song, “I am amazing.”

And so songs are important because the way we do music actually gets into our into our brain, into a subconscious, into our soul. Because these are the words we repeat.

You know, we once you get a catchy tune you sing it over and over again. And it’s important to listen to the words. It’s important to be aware of what we’re putting into our brain.

Because so much of the world is putting in these negative thoughts, this negative imprints into our system and that’s not where we’re wanting to go.

I was looking up Dolly Parton’s you know “9:00 to 5:00.”

You know we have to work and we have to work hard and we have to work. They set hours and it’s a man’s world.

And all of those messages that we’re getting through our songs and we sing.

And there was Beatles songs. All of the famous people had these songs that had these negative messages.

And that’s just not what we want.

So let’s have a look at our number seven.

The Phil Collins, “Another day in paradise”.

And again the title is not quite saying it, but it was you know that other people are rich, but I’m the poor person.

And that’s not the message.

We can all be rich. We can all have the money.

It doesn’t matter where you got born, how you got born.

Whether you’re rich or poor.

Now if you’d like to be rich you can be. And that’s the message we want to get.

So I’ve got a list of good songs things like, “Girl on fire” by Alicia Keys. “Happy” by Will Ferrell. It always makes me feel happy in that song. “Roar” by Katy Perry.

So I’ve got a little list of of my favorite music about money.

Music about power and empowering the women enjoy.

And don’t forget to tap away the negative beliefs that you’ve got about whether you can be successful or not.

Because the more we believe that we can be successful, the easier it will be to achieve.

Bye for now and happy tapping.