7 Keys to Transform Mindset around Sales

Your mindset is the key to your success, not just in business, but in life too. It is too easy to listen to the voice of others telling us that we can’t do something, that it is too hard, or too scary and we give up on ourselves. This can happen in every area of our life, but today we are going to talk specifically about SALES!!!

Just saying the word can feel scary, and this is why it is important to look at the mindset around sales. We can learn as many techniques, and chart our progress, follow a script etc, but until you transform your mindset, you will always struggle.

My seven steps are designed to help you work through what is causing you to feel that sales is a disgusting word and change that mindset.

Tip 1. Know your why
We hear this all the time, but it really is an important key. You are not selling junk, you are selling your amazing products or service. There is a reason why you feel this is something the world needs. It is never as simple as “to help people.” You know that what you have can make a difference in people’s lives, it can transform them. At the deepest level, what is the why behind your product?

My why: About 90% of our struggles in life come from what is going on in our subconscious mind. Change the thoughts, feelings and beliefs and you will change the actions and the results. There is so much pain and suffering in the world because people do not understand this basic principle. People are looking in all the wrong places for the solutions to their pains. I have been there, I have struggled, I have looked for ways to ease my own pains and it didn’t work. I tried alcohol, and sex (and ended up with a child at 17) I tried counseling and learnt affirmations and meditation, and still felt like a failure. I tried marriage and it didn’t matter how many times I yelled at my husband to just love me more, I still felt unloved. It didn’t matter how many degrees I got, or accolades from others I still felt unworthy. I wanted my parents to love me – and they didn’t, because they couldn’t. I tripped across EFT tapping and noticed the changes immediately. Within a few weeks, my second husband, who I had also struggled with, noticed the changes and commented that he didn’t know what I was doing, but keep doing it because I had changed. It felt like he had changed. Our relationship grew to be the wonderful powerful experience that you hear about, but I had never expected to experience. I was able to forgive my parents for not being able to parent me, and I feel love for them and sad for their lack of understanding of how their thoughts had created their reality. I discovered that this powerful tool could be used for every thought and transform our whole lives. This is my why. I want this for you.

What is your powerful why?

Tip 2. Help don’t sell
Now that you know your powerful why, you do not need to push, struggle, or force your product on someone. You are sharing something that you know will make a difference to their lives. We are not trying to sell ice to Eskimos. Your product or service is something that will make a real difference, and you want to help people by sharing what you do.

If you approach the conversation with the worry of your bills, then that energy will come through. It now becomes about you and your fears. You are trying to convince them to buy and that is the moment the sale is lost. Give value, be of service. If you are in the coaching realm, they are buying into you and your dream for them.

Tip 3. Focus on the Client’s needs
I will never ask someone to sell their car or mortgage their home to buy my product or service. I want my service to be the best deal for them. If you sell them into your program and deep down you know it is not what they need, then they will be a painful client, struggle with the program, quit before it has finished, and ask for a refund. And they will leave either hating you, or worse still, hating themselves even more. Whereas, if you tell them honestly that this is not a good fit, and turn them down, they will become a raving fan, and probably come back to you when the time is right for them.

Always operate from a place of value and sell to those that you know that you can help. It doesn’t feel icky when you know that you can make a big difference to their lives. And this is where you can also feel confident with your guarantee. My guarantee is that you will double your current average monthly income by the end of the 6 months program, or earlier, or your money back – 100%.

Tip. 4 Focus on what you can control
There are only two elements in life and business that you can control. Your attitude and your effort. It is a fact of sales that some people will say NO. That does not mean your program is bad or your hopeless, or the myriad of other thoughts that are coursing through your head. It just means that that person did not feel it was right for them, at that moment. There could be any number of reasons. Some might be that they didn’t like you. Maybe they don’t like Aussie accents. Maybe they have problems they didn’t tell you about, maybe they are just scared. You can’t control what they think, how they feel or how the react, you can only control what you think and feel, and how you react. Are you going to give up, because what seemed like a red-hot sale said no? Are you going to feel bad, feel like a failure, struggle to do it again? Or are you going to use the tool of EFT tapping. Find all the mindset blocks and gremlins and clear them so that you can present your offer to the next person feeling confident and ready to serve them with all your best.

Tip 5. Listen more, talk less
You cannot help someone until you understand their intrinsic needs. The art of listening to understand is an extremely valuable skill in sales and every other relationship. Ask questions and actually listen. Listen for what they are saying and what is being said between the lines. Feedback to them what they have said because this show you are really listening and helps them to feel heard. If you start bombarding them with the benefits of your program before you understand their problem, it will feel salesy to them and to you. The result will be that they do not feel heard.

I have had this experience many times in clothes shops, and it really annoys me. When I find a sales assistant, who listens and wants to help me find what I want, I usually buy tons, because they have presented me with 10 options that I like, so I buy them all!!!

Tip 6. Expect Yes, Embrace the no
Are you approaching this conversation from a position of “no-one ever listens to me, I can’t sell, this is too hard, I don’t like doing sales, they are probably going to say no anyway”? They have no choice but to say no to you. Your tone, your expressions, your energy all say “don’t buy from me” no matter what your words say, no matter what your product is, and how much they actually need it, they have to obey the energy. If you are feeling down, before you do anything in your business, you need to change your energy first. This applies to even writing a post for Facebook. The energy is in the words. You have experienced this, but maybe not realized what it was. You see them pop up in your Facebook feed and you feel a negative energy. It is not their words, in fact, what they are saying sounds good, but it feels off somehow, but you can’t see why. Some of these people have become my clients and the simple change of their belief in their ability changes the response they get to their posts. It might be just a word different or a slightly different picture, and the results are completely different. If you have some work to do, make sure your mindset is in the space that says, “I love to help people, I know they are just waiting for this offer, this is going to be amazing, I know that the right people will see this.” If you are not there, then meditation, tapping, or maybe it is time for you to come and talk to a coach. Coaches need coaches.

And sometimes the answer will be no. And as in tip 4. That is OK. It doesn’t mean anything. If it does, then time for more tapping.

Tip 7. Have an Attitude of Abundance
This is your time, and you can be as successful as your wildest dreams. Make sure that this is not just a pretty dream but something that is part of who you are, you believe it in your subconscious brain. Abundance is about having it all. A successful business, money in the bank, wealth tree growing, health and fitness, fantastic relationships and lots of happiness all with ease and fun. This is all waiting for you and mastering your mindset around sales is going to be a big part of this.

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