10 Surprising Benefits of EFT Tapping for Business Owners



1. Better sleep

How can growing your business, doing more than you ever imagined and achieving more help you sleep better? By have a regular daily practice of EFT you are reducing your stress levels. Not just the immediate stress that comes with doing something that you were worried about, but the ongoing, innate stress that you have carried in your system since you were young. We don’t realise just how much stress is in our system. I suspect that most people do not know what it feels like to be unstressed. All this underlying stress is disturbing your sleep. Tap daily on all the things that are stressing you, and sleep will come naturally.

And if you are still struggling, then you have the tool at your fingertips to send you into the land of bliss. Start by doing the normal routine of tapping, saying how frustrated that you are not asleep yet, and after a few rounds, you will be starting to relax. Then stop the actual physical tapping and just imagine tapping on the tapping spots. And then it will be morning!

I was visiting a friend who was having major trouble sleeping and she was exhausted, but said she was completely unable to get to sleep. I showed her how to do the tapping and tapped on her for two rounds and she was sound asleep. Completely sound asleep. Her little boys were playing in the other room, so I went and played with them. Two hours later I had to wake her, as I had to leave. She said it was the best sleep she had had in years, and she felt so rested. WOW. Just a little bit of relaxation.

2. Improved relationships

I love this one, because it always comes as a big surprise, and was the first thing I noticed when I first started tapping. It is not what you are working on, it is not what you think is needed to grow your business, and it wasn’t even being tapped on, yet there it is. Relationships that are easier, happier, and more supportive of what you are doing.

3. Less stress

Obvious, but a very pleasant consequence. Everything becomes easier, there is less stress in everything you do, and how you cope with both the big and the little stressors that come with being alive.

4. More fun

Life just suddenly seems easier, everything is working, you are getting more done, in less time, and less stress. The sun seems to be shining brighter every day.

5. Less time spent working

Yes, less time working. HOW? Well imagine that when you start working for the day you are focused, you are enjoying what you are doing, nothing is ruffling your feathers, and you are not sidetracked by anyone. You do your work, tick off your days’ to-do list, and then you are done. YES, you are done for the day, because the other thing you have been tapping on is the belief that “You have to work hard to make money” You no longer believe this myth. You know that this is just a myth and you don’t faffff around making work for yourself. You do your work and then enjoy your time off.

6. More Organized

This follows on, from above point. Because you are no longer needing to make work to make the myth come true, you can be organized in your work, do what needs to be done, feel on control and get it done, and have the rest of the day or week free to do what you want. Imagine that. Time for the massages, the long walks, the coffee with friends.

7. Happier memories

This one is a lovely surprise. As we tap on old memories we realise that we have been focusing on all the negatives and there were positives. Everyone has good memories lurking in there somewhere. As we put the negatives in their place, clear the hurt and anguish away, we can see the sun shining through the trees. Of course, the bad stuff still happened, but now you can see that it was just a part of the whole tapestry of life, and no matter how bad it was, you are here now and have a bright future in front to you.

One client suffered terrible abuse as a child, and often felt that she might die, and as we worked with those terrible childhood memories she has been able to assure the young child that she didn’t die, that she has done some amazing things, and the person she is now, is a result of those experiences. She is now able to remember some of the good things that did happen and sees her childhood with some good memories.

8. Eating better

Yeeeeesssss, better choices of food, and not eating all the time. For most of us, eating is about stress, boredom, worry, fear etc., not actual hunger. If we reduce all the worries and fears, and work becomes fun and easy, then there is no need to get up every hour and eat some cake or biscuits. Now you will get up every hour (because you need to move every hour) and you will do some yoga stretches or go for a walk or dance a crazy dance, because life is much more fun.

9. Talk lovingly to yourself

How many of us talk to ourselves in a manner that we would never talk with anyone else. We swear and call ourselves stupid, hopeless and dumb. Who else would you say those things to? Well whether you are tapping or not, it is time to talk lovingly to ourselves. We are amazing. We have been created by a perfect God. He did not create a useless person. He is perfect love and you are part of that love. Time to start talking to ourselves as we would a precious child because that is who we are. As we use the tool of tapping daily we can come to this understanding of ourselves and incorporate this into our daily lives. “I love and accept my myself and how I feel”.

10. Making more money than you imagined

Yes, tapping on your face helps you make more money than you could imagine when you first started this journey. Just this morning I heard from a client whose goal 2 years ago was $20,000 for the year in her online business as she fitted it around children and work. And that felt like a pie in the sky goal. Well, nothing has happened to make less work for the rest of her life, but now her online business goal is $71,000.

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