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Creating lasting relationships takes time.

This is even more true for stepfamilies – because these relationships have the added weight of rising from a background of grief and loss.



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I offer a VIP service to those who are ready to make a change and know that it is vital to the future of their family and to their own happiness.  This will be *** (still working on all the details )

Ideally these sessions are for the couple, but can be done by just one partner, as one person changing will change the whole dynamics. If the other person wants to join during the time, they are most welcome.

Three months of  change.

Work together for 90 minutes every fortnight for 7 sessions.

In the two weeks between sessions, the participants go through the modules of the online course and do the assignments.

There are short sessions for clarification or support in between.

Your own EFT videos to follow along each fortnight working on the issues that arose – one for each partner.


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This course is designed so that you can do it on your own, or with your partner.

There are  short videos explaining the content; there are assignments and questions to answer, plus a book to read.  Each week includes three units.  Move at your own pace.

The course helps you to understand the dynamic of a step family, how it is different from a nuclear family and what that means.  What are your expectations, and what is realistic?

At the end of the course you will have increased your communication skills, you will have gained insight and understanding about stepfamilies in general, and your own unique family forest.  You will have identified the areas that you want to see changed, and be aware of the areas that probably won’t change.  You will have learnt skills for dealing with anger, stress, overwhelm and confusion.  You will have learnt how to say what you are feeling and know that you are heard and understood.

You will finish the course knowing that you are not crazy and that step families can be a wonderful environment for all.


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Check out the dates in your area for the stepfamily course coming to a centre near you. 

One full day with other couples in your situation to share, learn and grow together.  At the end of the day, you will have tools to take home that will support your family as it grows to be a well-stirred and a happy blend.

This is a fun day, with lots of activities, learning, happiness, maybe some sadness, new skills, new tools and new friends.