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Are you wondering how I can help you?

I have been described as a blend of compassion, intuition and integrity.  A calming influence with a strong foundation in, counseling, Emotional Freedom Technique(tapping) and business.

But what does that mean for you?

It means that when we work together you will quickly gain insights and understanding of how your inner world is creating your outer world, and how you can easily change that, so that you can finally break through to, and confidently create the business and life you dream of.

Together we will align your beliefs and thoughts in a safe and caring space so you can feel unblocked.

I work with women entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey, and have different levels of support to help you, where you are right now.

Together we will free you to take the actions aligned with your goals so you can move forward with ease and joy towards the life of your dreams.

Check the links below for ways to work with me.



“5 days to align your mindset with your launch goal” starts on 13th November and ends on 17th November 2017

Start the challenge



Lets get together for a short chat to see if we are a good fit.  This is a big commitment for you in time and money and I want you to feel that it is exactly what you want.

Chat with me for 15 minutes




lying down red jumperThis is the session for you if you are feeling frustrated and stuck and would like to experience the power of EFT to help you move forward.  If something has come up and makes you feel helpless and emotionally worn out, a clarity session is a great place to start.

This is a one on one EFT session where I will teach you the basics of EFT and how it can help to diffuse the emotions you are currently feeling.  We will work together for 60 minutes and you will feel stronger and more relaxed than you have been.

A powerful shot of calm and clarity.





2016-10-14-14-41-48This is four weeks of one on one support taken weekly or fortnightly.  Having this time gives us the opportunity to really work on a blockage or sabotage that is stopping you from a achieving in your life.  It is so frustrating to see yourself getting in your own way, and not being able to stop.  During these four sessions you will discover where this sabotage comes from and be able to eliminate it.  Your thoughts and feelings will change and the issue will disappear as if by magic.  All the time I will be with you in a supportive and caring space.





kay-blue-shirt-eyeglassThis is for everyone who understands that business is not just about strategy, but is actually 80% mindset.

Every fortnight we meet via Skype/Zoom, for 13 sessions, and we work through what has happened in that period that has triggered your emotions, and where you have felt resistance.  Being able to clear stuff as it comes up is so powerful, because you are able to keep the flow in your business without getting blocked.

We can also work on the underlying issues from childhood that cause the mind monkeys like “I am not good enough”, “who do I think I am”, “I’m going to stuff this up”.  Or other thoughts like money is bad, rich people are greedy, I don’t need money I just want to help others.  All these thoughts are actually holding you back from the abundance that is waiting for you to feel that you deserve it.

On top of our fortnightly sessions, you will have 12 months’ access to my membership program.  MIND MATTERS.  This program will help and guide you during our two weeks apart.  I recommend everyone tap every day, and this will be a great resource to help you do that, and connect with a community of like-minded people who are in the dedicated Facebook group.

At the end of the 6 months, you will continue to have access via the face book group and the ongoing membership program to help you keep going with the tapping practice.

As a VIP you will also have free access to other programs that I am developing on business success and health success.  So stay tuned for these great programs too.

Imagine how fast you can move in your business with this one on one support for 6 months.  Overcoming all the emotional blocks that often hold people up for years, or even have them quitting their dreams.  But for those who have done this program the change in their business is amazing.  That can be YOU.

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