Two new puppies


Thursday, 6th September 2018

He is not well today (tiredness, fluctuating temperatures, shivering, and weakness) but he keeps pushing forward as if nothing is happening. I guess this is good. He wants to be well and still can’t believe that he isn’t. Is having a positive attitude the way to go? Maybe it is. It means that he sees anything as a temporary setback and tomorrow he will be better. He also makes plans for each day, and the future. Have I told you about the dog he is buying? He wants a specific breed of dog and wants to train it. He has found a breeder in Victoria and new puppies were born two days ago. I don’t know if it is a good idea, but I have agreed and said yes. It is like so many things in our life right now. I don’t want another dog and we wouldn’t even be discussing it, if it wasn’t for this cancer. But when all your bucket list is not available to you, then you need to find things for a new bucket list. A special dog, that is bred for obedience, and loves to train, is his current dream. He said yes today, and we have been sent photos of the two boy dogs to choose from.

They are certainly cute. He is right that this will be fun for all of us. Who could resist such cute puppies? But we also had to have the serious discussion about what happens if he gets too sick to train him, or even take him for a walk. What happens when he dies? This is not like his clothes where someone will love to receive second-hand clothes that a brand new. But a ½ trained puppy, that we have fallen in love with, will be much harder to cope with. Olivia and I will have to keep it, and then I have the responsibility for a dog for another 14 years. Lucky, I do love dogs, but our plan had been to travel, and a dog wouldn’t have fitted that lifestyle. Now here we are staring at 2 very cute puppies and falling in love.