My youngest daughter’s 18th birthday party


1st September 2018

Saturday has dawned with some clouds, but the weather forecast says a perfect day for a party. It is my youngest daughter’s 18th birthday party, and it is going to be a big shindig. Her youngest brother Sam has been the party organizer and has rallied his two bigger brothers to help. There is no way I could even think about a party. I just didn’t have the energy or mental capacity to arrange something. I am so grateful that the boys have taken this upon themselves.

This party has everything from jumping castle and a big bonfire to woodfired pizza oven with a chef to make your perfect pizza. An amazing cake made by the heavily pregnant Kelly, wife of the party planner. She also organized the party bags, the sweets shop and made little jelly shots with a small amount of vodka. Alcohol was a big discussion as ½ the kids coming to the party will only be 17, but the party girl was concerned that if there was a no drinking policy then no-one would come to the party. If I had been my normal self, I would have disagreed and done something different, but again, the toll of dealing with Geoff means that I do not have the energy to have disagreements on any other level. And her big brothers agreed with her. So, I have just hosted a party with alcohol.

The family did all the set up with Olivia and some of her friends at my son’s house. I brought Geoff at 5 PM, and he was set up on a comfy couch under the verandah with a full view of the whole shebang. He was so happy to be there, and to feel like he was a part of such a momentous occasion. It is times like these that you realize that although he is not capable of doing very much, he is still living and still very much a part of the family. This is still the quality of life.

The party was a resounding success, we had cake and Happy birthday songs, and Geoff was able to give a small speech to thank everyone for coming. Then two of her friends gave speeches too. How special is that? And a few minutes after the end of the speeches, the school fair at the end of the road had a massive fireworks display. It really did seem that the fireworks were just for her.

As the evening wore on you could see Geoff getting tired, and fading, but he wanted to stay a bit longer. He put on his thick coat and we set up a heater near him and he was cozy and comfortable. We left at 11 PM, and although I felt guilty about leaving my big kids responsible for the party, the birthday girl was happy that we left, and she didn’t have to behave herself as much. Mmmmm. I guess there are always upsides to every problem.