Geoff’s Birthday 19th September


Today is Geoff’s 71st birthday

He had an amazing plan for this year, with a trip on safari to Africa planned for his birthday. It was a dream trip that he has always wanted to do. Just one year ago he was fit enough to walk for hours up and downhill, regular gym goer and fooled most people who thought he was about 55.

Today is his birthday and he didn’t even want the kids to come around and have dinner with us. He struggled to sit at the table and eat a few mouthfuls and went straight back to lying down. He wasn’t even interested in his presents including the Darrell Lea rocky road. (he texted me an hour later and asked for me to cut him a small piece)

Our newly 18-year-old daughter was at the table and I could see the worry in her face. Her Dad can’t even sit up long enough for us to wish him a happy birthday. What do you say to her? She is the only one who is seeing this on a daily basis and I feel so sorry for her. She is finishing year 12 at school, practicing to prepare for auditions to the Conservatorium of music and watching her Dad fade before her eyes. It seems so unfair that she has to be under this much pressure. I know that plenty of kids have it tough in lots of ways, but my kids have had a fairly ideal childhood.

It is funny to hear the older kids complain about their childhood. The biggest complaint one of them comes up with is that he rarely got new clothes!!! Yep, that’s right. A big bunch of kids and not much money means new clothes were rare, but if that is your biggest complaint about your childhood, then I think you did pretty good. One of the youngest complained for years because we took him and his sister around Australia for 18 months when they were 11 and 12. Now they say it was the best thing that ever happened to them, but that was 25 years ago. It took them a while to see how good it was.

I hope Olivia will be able to remember all the good times as well as this crappy time.

This is some of the family at Geoff’s party last year.



Geoff’s Birthday 19th September