Feeling overwhelmed: There is too much to do.

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Hi everybody. It’s Kay here from KayBayly.com and on this week’s blog we’re going to talk about feeling overwhelmed.

Now I know it’s mid-December and I would be surprised if you’re not feeling overwhelmed. There is so much to do and we want to keep her businesses happening as well. And there’s Christmas,and there’s holidays, and all the end-of-year parties, school stuff, everything that is just putting more and more pressure on you.

And you feel overwhelmed. And it’s a hundred percent acceptable right now to feel overwhelmed.

But maybe you’re also feeling overwhelmed about trying to write your course and thinking about launching it in January?

There’s so many things that, “Ahh, so many things to do, so many different parts.” And you just don’t have time.

How on earth you going to fit that in with everything else that’s happening right now?

And that feeling of overwhelm can actually just like, it can really overwhelm you. It can actually feel like a whole body experience of just this way too much to do.

So what are you going to do about it?

Well, first off overwhelm. If you’ve got too much to do, then maybe it’s not even overwhelm.

It’s just you’ve got too much to do.

And you need to look at that.

This might be the week that you have to do a little less in your business. Maybe this is the week that you cut back a bit on some of the stuff that you’ve got to do. Because you can only do so much.

You can only achieve about three things in your business each day.

And I know that sounds like nothing. You think, “Three things?” You know I’ve got this and this and this and this and this to do.

Absolutely. But three goals is all you can achieve is all you need to write down for each single day.

If you write this great big list. Looks that way. If you write a big list like that, then the list itself will feel overwhelming.

So number one: Write a list of just three things you’re going to achieve today.

So write a blog, write one chapter of your course, and answer some emails.

That’s it. You will have achieved your goals.

And it’s a really great system to operate with because at the end of the day you can tick those three things off, and go “Well, I achieve those three.”

And if you plan out your writing of your course, you will see that if you just do one thing every day that you will actually achieve it. And it’s a great strategy to stop that feeling of overwhelm.

Because if you go write a course, do a year’s worth of blogs, do a year’s worth of newsletters, write my book. I mean before that feels overwhelming just to say it.

So what are you going to do each day?

Just set some small simple goals along with the goals that you’ve got for your personal life and work on those one at a time.

So number one: Three goals. Three to do’s for today and no more.

Plan out your weeks so that each day has just a few things in it.

Not a great thing to do this that you don’t even know where to start.

That’s the other advantage of having just three things because you write them out the night before. You finally got the time to do some work on your business.

You don’t have to think now, “What am I going to do?” Because you’ve already planned your three things for the day.

The next thing of course I’m going to suggest is the tapping.

Because while we get that heightened emotion. “I’ve got so much to do. I don’t know where to start and I’ve got too many
things to do and on and this person wants when I’ve got to do this and I’ve got to plan that.”

Again it feels overwhelming just saying it.

So tap on all of those feelings I know it you think, “Well, it’s just another thing I’ve got to do.”

But the calm you are, the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to be able to just go through your list. Because it’s a relaxed mind, it’s a calm mind that solves the problem.

A hypo mind of like “There’s so much to do and I don’t..” It can’t solve. The creativity is gone.

We actually talk about the amygdala on you’ve heard me talk about that before the stress part of the brain is where the stress response is happening. And it’s sending out the hormones of saying, “Stress stress stress.”

Whereas the front part of our brain, the front cortex, is where the thinking part of our brain is. When the stress response is happening. When that “I can’t do it, I’ve got this and this and this and this.” You’re actually taking blood from that frontal cortex. You’re taking away the thinking power. You’re taking away your creativity. You’re taking away your problem-solving. You’re sending the blood to the heart and it’s going like this and your breathing’s going fast and all of that’s happening.

But the thinking, the creativity, the planning that’s not happening.

So tap, meditation, enough sleep.

All of those things to help take those stress response away and help that frontal cortex part of your brain clicking. Very very important.

And the more stressed you are, the more important it is. And I think it’s the Dalai Lama that said when he stressed he meditates twice as long. But that’s right. Was something like he was asked you know he says, “I meditate for an hour a day.” And they said, “What about on the busy days?” He says, “Well, I meditate two hours on those days.”

So the message is the same. The more stressed you are, the more important is to put in the mindset work.

To keep your strategy so  that you can calm and relax and able to do all of things.

And you will be surprised at how well you manage your to-do list if you are feeling calm and relaxed.

So tap on all of those issues. Everything that feels overwhelming.

Remember “Even though I feel completely overwhelmed. Even though there’s so much to do and I have no idea how I’m going to get it done. Even though this is a crazy week and there’s so much to do I love and accept how I feel.”

Enjoy your tapping. Take the time. You will be surprised how effective it is.

Enjoy. Bye

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