Debt, The Law of Attraction and Tapping


We have all heard about the Law of Attraction, right? But many of us struggle to see how it works for us. We are told it is simple, just think about what you want, and it will happen. Yea, well, maybe not quite that simple. I can sit and think about $1 million but it doesn’t fall out of the sky, right?

And that is so true. Money rarely falls out of the sky, and debt doesn’t magically get paid.

So let’s see how LOA could work for debt.

Actually, I am going to start at the other end and show you how the Law of Attraction is actually keeping you in debt, and keeping you away from getting out of debt. That is one part of the LOA that we often do not talk about.

WHATEVER we think about we create. So if you are thinking, or trying really hard to not think about your debt, then that is what you are creating.

So let’s imagine you have some BAD debt. (Remember there is good debt, like debt for investments or our home mortgage and this will probably have a different energy) So we have some bad debt, like a credit card or two, maybe a car loan, and a personal loan. These debts can be making you feel overwhelmed, or maybe even panicked, and certainly annoyed at yourself. Even when you are trying to ignore the debt your subconscious is still aware and is causing all sorts of niggly thoughts.

Maybe you are worrying about how you will pay the payments this month, or how will you ever get ahead with this amount of debt to pay off, and HOW are you going to pay it off?

The debt is triggering the stress response, and this starts the mind monkeys in their incessant chatter in your head. “You will never pay this off, “look at this debt how are you ever going to get ahead”. Feelings of shame, and guilt, feelings of failure, or not good enough. All this running around in your head.

All these negative emotions are overriding any positive vision you have. No matter how hard you try to ‘manifest’, these negative thoughts will get in the way.

It might seem like the right thing to worry about your debt. You can’t just ignore it, right! That does not feel very responsible. It is like you have to worry because that shows that you are taking your punishment. Being all grown up and serious. But all that is doing is keeping you feeling weighed down and demoralized. It keeps the worry and stress levels high.

As we know stress has many negative effects on our body and on our mind. This is not the state we need to be in to solve the problem.

Worrying about debt just keeps us in debt.

Debt seems like a problem that is caused by external circumstances and it is hard to see how doing self-development work is going to solve a “real” problem.

Suze Orman a financial writer and speaker about money says:” Your inner worth is manifested in your net worth” Wow tough stuff

Debt is always a reminder that you are falling short. People in debt often say “I feel that no matter how hard I work, and how much I earn, I just can’t get ahead.” If you look at debt as the result of an inner belief, then you can see that it is saying that you do not feel that you can truly have it all. That despite all your best efforts you are not enough to have the wealth that you would like.

This all might feel depressing, but it is actually really good news. It means that when you do the inner work, get rid of those beliefs about not being enough, eliminate the guilt, the shame, and the feeling of failure, your outer world will reflect these new patterns.

How will this happen?

You decrease the stress response by TAPPING on all the areas that are causing you STRESS, frustration, and guilt. The tapping process actually changes the hormonal balance of the body and changes how the blood flows to the brain. The blood is then able to flow to the forebrain, the thinking part of your brain, and all the talents and creativity you have come to the fore. Your inner world is where your creativity, energy, and thoughts are created that form the outer world.

You are now able to bring all your skills and talents out and use these to solve how to earn the money, and how to pay off the debt. Suddenly what seemed impossible, is solved in a very short amount of time. You are no longer thinking about the debt, but are able to use the principles of the Law of Attraction with all of your brain power and your creativity to find the solutions, and money will quickly follow.

Today’s exercise
Add up all of your debts. Collect all the credit card statements, all the car loans, the store cards and the personal loans. This is tough stuff if you have a bit of debt, I know. I have been there and done this exact exercise. All those feelings of shame, hurt, anger, sadness. I want you to write them down in your tapping book. (you need a journal for your tapping to see just how far you have come and what you used to think. It is so amazing).

Add up all the numbers. (I don’t include your home mortgage, some wealth experts do – up to you. Also, do not include loans for investments because hopefully, they are bringing in an income greater than the expense)

Now write that number in big red numbers. Look at it, and listen to the voices inside your head. What are they saying? Can you hear other people saying things to you? Maybe a school teacher who said you will never amount to anything or a parent who said you are hopeless. Write down everything you are hearing, feeling and thinking.

Perfect. This is now your tapping words. Tap away all those thoughts. None of them are true. They are all myths.

If you would like to see this done watch my webinar on debt here

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