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Money Myths Number 3: Time = Money

I really want to help you learn how to bring financial abundance into your life, without taking on another “J.O.B.” or killing yourself working a million hours.   Seriously, this has to stop. People are just working WAY too hard, for WAY too little money…and it REALLY doesn’t have to be that way.   Have… Continue Reading

Money Myths Number 1

The number 1 money myth that I think we all have to greater or lesser degree is: “You have to work hard for your money”. We all know that right? How else are we going to make money? If we are not making enough then we just need to work longer hours, or harder or… Continue Reading

Feeling overwhelmed: There is too much to do.

Get Cultiv8 Hi everybody. It’s Kay here from and on this week’s blog we’re going to talk about feeling overwhelmed. Now I know it’s mid-December and I would be surprised if you’re not feeling overwhelmed. There is so much to do and we want to keep her businesses happening as well. And there’s Christmas,and… Continue Reading

Why do I need a mindset practise?

Download your FREE Tapping Journal Hi everybody and welcome to today’s video blog and if you’re receiving this on the 17th of November, then it’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Oh no a lady doesn’t normally give away her age, but just thought you might like to know that that… Continue Reading

What if my course is not good enough?

Align to Your Launch Goals in 5 Days Hi everybody and welcome back to this week’s blog. Today, we’re going to talk about something that happens to many of us especially when we’re writing a course and putting it out into the world. And it’s the fear that the course is not going to be… Continue Reading