About Me

First, some introductions are in order.

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I’m Kay Bayly.
I’m a mindset mentor for heart centered and passion fuelled women who want to move out of fear and uncertainty and build lives and businesses they truly desire.  I use a transformational tool called tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique) to change your limiting beliefs, remove your mindset blocks and help you tap your way to success.

I am a Money Mindset Specialist

Money Mindset is a skill set that a whole family, business & community can benefit from. When it’s applied it can create financial freedom & make dreams come true.

Few people have the emotional intelligence required to make decisions for their own long term good. Those who do have an extraordinary impact by making money work for them instead of the other way around. Money Mindset Mastery empowers & enriches anyone who has it & those around them as well.

You are thinking

“What’s Mindset got to do with money?”

Just about everything.

You know that icky feeling in your tummy when you have to quote your prices to someone.

The way you always fall sick right after you say yes to a big opportunity.

When you procrastinate and sabotage all the work you need to put in for your big launch.

You made some money but now you seem to have hit an invisible glass ceiling and your income seems to have stuck there.

Every time you feel fear, embarrassment and overwhelm around money.

That’s mindset at work.
But right now, it’s working against you.

I am here to change that.

Here’s what I believe in

You can totally HAVE IT ALL. There are seasons for more of something and then seasons for more of something else. But you CAN have it all.

You don’t have to sacrifice your health for wealth and they are both WORTH having.

Your thought patterns are causing you to do the things you do and more importantly the things you DON’T do.

Because the truth is…

Money messages are constantly being programmed into our brain.  From the moment we are born, our parents, our family, our friends, our partners, our bosses and even the society are shaping our money beliefs and etching them right into our DNA.

Beliefs like:

  • You have to work hard to make money. You don’t deserve making money in your sleep.
  • Rich women are mean and shallow. Being poor is virtuous.
  • Money will never be enough. So why not spend whatever little we have.
  • If you make a lot of money it is usually at the cost of someone else.
  • Who are you to even dream such a big dream?
  •  and more such inane thoughts?

This is why you end up:

  • Half assing your promotions for your e-course.  Money block : Passive income means easy money.
  • Earning a lot and then quickly spending it all.  Money block : I am not a good money manager
  • Procrastinating sending invoices forever.  Money block : I am not worth it.
  • Binge watching Netflix instead of sending newsletters to your audience.  Money block: Who am I to talk about this topic and earn money from it?

Not anymore.

If you are ready to be more visible, be your true self (and not be bogged down by feeling like a fraud), attract the right clients to your business, create sold out launches, build a truly successful business and yes, make money, a LOT of it.

Then, I am here for you. All my tools, my insights, my money mapping strategies and my skills of unraveling your story to find the underlying beliefs behind your conscious actions are at your complete disposal.

Because I truly believe, everyone deserves abundance and success.

Who am I?


I am a mother of eight, loving wife to my husband of 23 years, grandmother and a future world leader who wants to change the world, one tap at a time.

I didn’t have the best start in life. Born in an unstable and abusive house, moving countries several times throughout my childhood, never finishing a complete year in the same high-school, leaving my parents at 17 and then spending the rest of my life trying to heal the damage my childhood caused.

I also faced a severe back injury at 14 and had to spend the next 3 years in a brace and extreme pain.

No, it wasn’t an ideal childhood but even at that time I knew that no one but only I could change my reality. And that’s what I did.

Whether it was laying a solid foundation of education

I have a degree in social sciences with majors in both psychology and environmental science and a post graduate diploma in counselling.

Or gaining alternative qualifications

Trained EFT, Naturopathy and Nutrition practitioner

or even a professionally diverse experience

{Worked as a Personal trainer for over a decade, family counsellor and ran several businesses including a health food shop}

I always created my own reality.

When my first marriage ended in a divorce and I had to take up a job, I manifested my dream job without even knowing what manifestation meant.

Later I manifested my dream husband who I am still hopelessly in love with.


That is the power of thought.

That is what I want to teach you.

Why Money?

Great question! Money is such an important part of our life, and one that we all have to deal with.  I certainly did not start life with a silver spoon, or any understanding about how the world of money works.  My varied experiences have taught me a few lessons and I love to be able to share them with you.

My first ever business was a health food shop which my ex-husband and I bought after manifesting an overnight sale of our house.  A run-down place, we fixed it up and by sheer grit we doubled the income (twice in a year). Three years later we shifted to an arcade and doubled our income again.  But then one night, it all burned down.  Literally.  A fire destroyed the entire arcade including our shop and with it our only source of income.  But we didn’t give up and after a tough 18 months, we got our shop back and then within a year we doubled our income and then doubled it again.  We won the health shop of the year award and there was no looking back.

Since then I have built many businesses and now have invested in properties and created my very own portfolio of properties.

If this rollercoaster ride of money has taught me anything, it is simply that how much we earn, spend and save is all a result of our mindset. And our mindset can be changed to the way we want to change it.

Why EFT?

Years of counselling made me realise that I needed to let go of my anger towards my parents to make any real progress.
But years of counselling hardly helped me at all.  It wasn’t until I discovered EFT and the power of tapping that I was truly able to forgive my parents and thus take a huge leap in my healing journey.

5 not-so-random facts about me

(Remember, nothing is random, our thoughts create our reality all the time)

I love water and like any true blue Aussie I have my own standup paddle board.  I also bought a sailboard and am earning my chops with it.

My favourite hobby is genealogy and I love the detective work that goes in it.  My bucket list definitely contains travelling to some of the places of my ancestors.

I also love quilting and have made a couple of big wall hanging.  (But between you and me, I try not to let on that I can sew, because who wants to end up sewing for the dancing school?)

I travelled around Australia for two years, living in a converted bus, exploring my country, with my husband and two young teenagers.  Then they grew up and wanted to go back to school.  (A few weeks at school and they realised what a good teacher I was. Ha!)

Our family business is a building development company, the four boys and my husband all work for the company, and the 15 year old has set that as her career after school, she is just going straight to the top, and become a building developer, fits really well with her other chosen career as an actress.

Official Bio

Kay Bayly Official headshot

Kay Bayly is a money and mindset mentor for heart centered and passion fuelled women entrepreneurs who want to create a business and life on their own terms. Using the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or commonly known as tapping) she helps you to rewire your thought patterns, remove limiting beliefs and create success and money beyond imagination.

She has been a Personal trainer for over a decade (Food, money or health – Mindset helps with everything), has run several profitable businesses and currently pitches in her family building development company as well.

When she is not changing lives and businesses with tapping, you can find her Supping in the waters of Raby Bay or chilling out with her husband and 8 kids. Check out her stories, tips on mindset and inspiration on life, business and everything in between on kaybayly.com and check out her free money mindset training for entrepreneurs here